How Can I Spy on a Cell Phone Without Installing Software on the Target Phone?


There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to spy on someone’s device. Maybe you’re curious what your partner is up to when they’re not with you. Or maybe you’re concerned that they’re cheating on you. Whatever the reason, it’s possible to do so without installing any software on the target phone. In this blog post, we’ll outline both free and paid methods, all of which are easily accessible for all levels of tech-savviness. Keep reading to learn more!

Spy on Any Cell Phone Now

Legal Disclaimer:

This article is for education purposes only. Spying on anyone’s phone without their official permission might be punishable by law in certain countries. Make sure to research information that’s pertinent to your country of residence to avoid getting fined or arrested.

Can You Spy On a Cell Phone Without Access To It?

In this article, you are going to learn different methods on how to track a cell phone location without installing software on the target phone. We will divide this guide into three main categories – iPhone guides, Android guides, and Free Universal Guides (work on both operating systems). In total, we will discuss

Spy on iPhone without Access to Target Phone:

  • Method 1 – mSpy
  • Method 2 – iCloud
  • Method 3 – Find My iPhone

Best Spy App for Android Without Access to the Parget phone:

  • Method 4 – Find My Device
  • Method 5 – Google Timeline
  • Method 6 – Google Location History

How to Spy on Any Cell Phone Without Having it for Free:

  • Method 7 – Phishing
  • Method 8 – Snooping
  • Method 9 – Touch ID Hack
  • Method 10 – Online Hacking Websites

Spy on iPhone without Access to Target Phone

iPhones and IOS systems in general are definitely more convenient for remote spying than Andoirds. That’s because many apps that integrate with Apple only require your iCloud credentials to work. Also, Apple devices are known to be very well-synced and frequently backed up, which is another plus in our books. So, let’s discuss the three easiest ways to spy on someone’s iPhone without having the phone.

Method 1 – mSpy


You can not install spying software remotely, you’ll need physical access for at least 5 minutes.

You can spy on a cell phone without accessing the phone by using mSpy. You may be wondering how you can use mSpy to perform these activities. The answer is simple – mSpy is designed to be invisible and undetectable, and allows you to complete the whole setup and spying process from your personal phone or computer. Because everything is executed from mSpy’s own servers, you don’t need to install any other software on the target phone.

mspy instagram spy

If your target is an iPhone user, you only need to obtain their iCloud credentials. Once you have that, you just need to log into your mSpy account, enter the iCloud credentials, and all their phone information like text messages, calls, social media communications, and others will be displayed on your dashboard. That means that you’ll never have to install any software or even have physical access to the target device.

If you’re looking for an android spy app remote installation, then it might be more difficult, except if the device is rooted. Hence, mSpy works without access and installation solely on iOS devices.

The mSpy application use cases are endless:

  • Monitor instant messengers like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat
  • Spy on incoming and outgoing calls
  • Track the target’s browsing history and bookmarks
  • Spy on incoming and outgoing emails on a target cell phone without access
  • Block unwanted callers
  • Get a real-time GPS location on a detailed map
  • Remotely activate the microphone and listen to calls
  • Use it as an undetectable keylogger for Android

To use the mSpy mobile spy app, you’ll need to:

Step 1: Sign up for mSpy on the company website

Step 2: Select the target device to be monitored and follow the installation instructions received via email

Step 3: Monitor their cell phone remotely from your mSpy spy app dashboard.

For more detailed instructions, check out our step-by-step mSpy installation guide.

  • Installation without access possible on iOS
  • Gain access to virtually all phone data
  • Easy to set up
  • Invisible on the phone
  • High accuracy
  • You can test the demo for free
  • If the user resets their phone or changes the iCloud password, your access will be gone
  • You have to pay an affordable fee to spy on cell phone without access to phone

Method 2 – iCloud

If you want to spy on someone’s iOS device, one of the best ways to do it is through iCloud. iCloud is a cloud storage service from Apple that allows users to store data like photos, videos, documents, and more. It also syncs this data across all of a user’s devices, so if you have access to a person’s iCloud account, you can see everything that they’ve stored there.

To spy on someone using iCloud, you’ll need to have their Apple ID and password. Once you have those, you can sign in to their iCloud account and view their data. Here’s how to spy on someone phone without touching it:

  1. Go to and sign in with the person’s Apple ID and password.
  2. Click on the “Photos” icon.
  3. You’ll see all of the photos that the person has stored in iCloud. You can view them one by one or download them all at once.
  4. To view other types of data, like videos, documents, and more, click on the corresponding icons.
how to spy on someone's phone without them knowing for free - iCloud method

Now that you know how to spy on someone using iCloud, you can use this information for whatever purpose you see fit. Just remember to be ethical and responsible.

  • It’s free
  • You can do it from your pc or any other device
  • It’s super easy
  • You need to know the Apple ID password and username
  • When the password changes, you will be kicked out until you enter the new password

Method 3 – Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is inbuilt software that is found on all iOS devices. It allows iPhone users to locate their phone when it’s misplaced or stolen. But, not many people know that you can also use this method to spy on someone’s phone location. It works as long as the location services are enabled on their phone. Here’s how you can how to spy on iPhone without access to phone:

Step 1: Launch the Find My iPhone app on your Apple device or visit on your web browser.

spy on iPhone without installing software 1

Step 2: Enter your target’s Apple ID and password and select All Devices.

Step 3: Click on “Find iPhone.” Wait for your target’s location to pop up.

spy on iPhone without installing software 3
  • It’s free
  • You can do it from your pc or any other device
  • It shares a very accurate location and offers remote control features like resetting data
  • You need to know the Apple ID password and username
  • If the location services are disabled, you won’t be able to use this method

How to Spy on an Android Cell Phone Without Installing Software

It is a bit harder to use hidden spyware for Android mobile devices. Often, they wither require rooting or physical access, but there are a couple of ways you can go about it. Luckily, we know all those ways, and we’ll share them with you below.

Method 4: Find My Device

Find My Device is a system app found on all Android devices and it allows users to track their phones when they are stolen or misplaced. But, you can also use this tool to spy on someone without touching their phone as long as you know their Google Account credentials or have access to their computer where they are automatically signed in.

Here’s how to spy on someones phone without them knowing for free:

Step 1: Log in to on your browser.

spy on Android without installing software 1

Step 2: Enter your target’s Google Account credentials.

Step 3: You’ll be shown your target’s location.

spy on Android without installing software 1
  • It’s free
  • You can do it from your pc or any other device
  • You need to know the target’s Google Account credentials
  • Location services need to be enabled

Method 5: Google Timeline

Similar to the app we mentioned above, Google Timeline helps you to track the target’s location as long as it is connected to the Internet. What’s cool about this feature is that it also lets you access street view, showing you the exact location where the person is.

Here’s how to spy on your spouse phone without them knowing with the Google Timeline method:

  1. Open the Google Maps app Maps.
  2. Tap the target’s profile picture and then Your Timeline Timeline.
  3. Tap More and then Settings and privacy.
  4. Under “Location settings,” check that it says “Location is on.” If it doesn’t, tap Location is off and turn on Location.
  5. Under “Location settings,” check that it says “Location History is on.” If it doesn’t, tap Location History is off and turn on Location History.
how to spy on a cell phone without access - Google Timeline method
  • It’s free
  • It’s completely remote
  • Shows you a street view of the target phone’s location
  • You need to know target’s Google Account details
  • If the location services are disabled, you won’t be able to use this method

Method 6: Google Location History

You can also use Google’s Location History feature to spy on someone’s phone without installing any software. All you need is a browser and access to their Google Account. Once done, you’ll be able to see where they went, which places or restaurants they visited, etc. Here’s how to spy on a cell phone without having it:

  1. Open the target’s Google Account and choose “Manage Your Google Account”
  2. Choose the “Privacy and Personalization” option
  3. Find “Location History”
  4. Click on “Manage History” and that’s it.
how to spy on someone's phone without having access to it - Google Location history Method
  • It’s free
  • You can do it from your pc or any other device
  • You can view location history from the moment they first started using their phone
  • You need to know the target’s Google Account credentials
  • If location services are disabled, it won’t work

How to Spy on Any Cell Phone Without Having it for Free

You can also use other, more dangerous, and far more difficult methods to try to spy on someone’s phone. However, most of these methods require extensive programming knowledge and can land you in legal trouble if you’re discovered. Here’ how to spy on a cell phone remotely for free:

Method 7 – Phishing

Phishing is a practice of sending emails that entice people into clicking on malicious or dangerous attachments or links. They usually imitate legitimate organizations or people so they would entice you into opening the said link. Upon clicking these malicious links, they will be caused to provide personal and sensitive information like passwords, bank account numbers, and credit cards. On the other side of the link is a setup that will grab the typed credentials and deliver them to you.

The one major downside to phishing is that it is very technical and may not be suitable if you do not have advanced computer skills. Here are some rough instructions on how to track phone activity without them knowing:

  1. The first step is to create a fake login page that looks identical to the login page of the phone monitoring service you want to use. You can do this by using a web page creation tool or by manually coding the page yourself.
  2. Once you have created the fake login page, you need to host it on a web server. You can either use a free web hosting service or set up your own web server.
  3. The next step is to send an email to the person whose phone you want to spy on, containing a link to the fake login page. Make sure that the email looks like it comes from a legitimate source, such as the phone monitoring service itself.
  4. When the person clicks on the link in the email and attempts to log in, their username and password will be sent to you. You can then use these credentials to log in to the real phone monitoring service and spy on the person’s activities.

Plus, this is the best way to spy on iPhone by sending a link because Apple devices are very secure, so other third-party apps can’t be installed without physical access.

  • It’s free
  • You can use it to access a wide array of accounts
  • It’s not difficult if you’re a novice
  • It takes a long time to set up
  • Your email might end up in spam, and thus be ignored
  • It’s illegal

Method 8 – Wireless Sniffing

Wireless sniffing is a process of monitoring data traffic sent wirelessly. This can be done by placing a wireless sniffer near the area where the target phone is located. The wireless sniffer will capture all the data packets sent from the target phone, including text messages, calls, and even internet usage.

To view the captured data, you will need to have special software that can decode and interpret the data packets. There are many sniffing software options available online, for both free and paid. Once you have decoded the data packets, you will be able to see all the activities carried out on the target phone, including text messages, calls made and received, and internet usage.

Here’s how to spy on someone’s phone without touching it:

cell phone spy without access to target phone
  • It’s free
  • You can use it to access basically any device that’s connected to that Wi-Fi network
  • It takes coding and software knowledge
  • It requires special equipments
  • It’s illegal

Method 9 – Touch ID Hack

This type of method involves sneaking to access your target’s phone whenever it’s left unlocked. After you’ve gained access to the target phone, go to the security setting and add your fingerprint to their Touch ID. Here’s a quick instructional video that shows you how it’s done:

  • It’s free
  • It can be easy if you personaly know the target
  • It might not always work if you don’t take a good print
  • You need to be in the vicinity of the target phone

Method 10 – Online Hacking Websites

Tons of websites will promise you they can give you unobstructed access to your target’s phone with their free website tool. However, these websites are mostly fraudulent and only want to trick you. Instead, you’ll get infected with malware. They use strong buzzwords and hacker-inspired colors and images to draw naive users into their scheme.

They usually offer a widget that asks you to enter your target’s name, phone number, or email address, and by simply pressing the “hack” button, you’ll suddenly get access to all their activities. This is all fake – before the so-called “hacking process” is complete, you will be asked to fill out surveys or download files from suspicious links. Don’t fall for that – even though they look convincing, they can wreak havoc on your phone or computer.


We hope you like our guide on how to track a cell phone location without installing software on target phone. However, it is important to be aware of any laws or regulations that may restrict this activity in your area before attempting to do so.

Additionally, if you are pondering whether to spy on phone without access to target phone , it is recommended to discuss these plans with the person whose phone you will be tracking. This can help ensure that everyone is comfortable with the process, and ensure any potential privacy concerns are addressed.

How to Mirror a Phone Without Them Knowing?

There are two main ways you can go about secretly mirroring someone’s phone without them knowing. The first method is using Google Play or App Store cloning applications. They are usually free, but the target can easily find them on their phone. The second and the most reliable option is mSpy. The best thing about mSpy is that it runs in the background completely undetectable, so the target will never know that you cloned their phone. It’s also very affordable and has a great money-back guarantee policy.

Is There a Free App to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Touching It?

Although there are some free methods to spy on someone’s phone without touching it, they are not very effective and come with many limitations. The most reliable way to spy on someone’s phone is by using a remote cell phone spy app. 

These apps provide advanced features for monitoring activities on the target phone, such as call logs, text messages, social media activity, location tracking, and more. They are also secure and reliable, so you can be sure that your spying will remain invisible.

What’s the Best Spy App for Android Without Access to Target Phone Free?

Users often wonder is there a free app to spy on someones phone without touching it – the answer is not really. You can use free services to try to spy on a phone, but they’re very limited.

 mSpy is the best affordable option for a spy app on Android without access to the target phone. It has powerful features and functionality which allow you to track activity remotely, monitor messages, and view photos & videos taken with the device. With mSpy, you can also take advantage of its keylogging feature which records all keystrokes made on the target device, including passwords

What’s the Best Cell Phone Spy Software without Target Phone?

The best, easiest, and the most reliable app is definitely mSpy. It offers the most comprehensive set of features and has basically no restrictions. You can access everything conveniently from your dashboard and the information is updated in real-time. Other methods are more suitable for tracking their location, but they won’t give you access to other interesting information like social media messages, calls, and deleted texts.

How to Install Spy Software on Cell Phone Remotely?

Installing spy software on a cell phone remotely is not as difficult as you may think. With the right tools and instructions, it can be done quickly and easily from any location. 

Before starting, make sure that you have purchased the appropriate spy software for your target’s device. Once you have the necessary software, follow these steps to install it remotely:

1. Create an account with the spy software provider’s website. Make sure to use a secure password and keep it confidential.
2. Download and install the software onto your target’s cell phone using the instructions provided by the provider. 
3. Once installed, activate it using your account information from Step 1.
4. Log into the provider’s website to access your target’s data. This data may include texts, call logs, browser history, and more.

Can You Spy on a Phone Without Access To It?

Yes, you can spy on someone’s phone without access to it. To do that, you can either try to hack a phone or use a spy app. Hacking requires more experience, so spy apps might be more convenient.


Pradeep Kumar Pandey

How can I monitor my daughter’s Android phone? I have only her mobile number.

Anjelica Rivera

Hey Pradeep, you’ll need access to your daughter’s phone just once and you’ll need to set up parental controls on Android, or you could use any of the software mentioned here: (I recommend Kidsguard)


Hi Anjelica,

How can I check my husbands messages, activities and else in social media when he has a code and fingerprint in his phone, I can’t touch it, he sleeps with his phone under the pillow. lol. How can I spy him without touching his phone? Thanks.

Anjelica Rivera

Hey Sarah, that’s a tough one! You’ll at least need to know his iCloud credentials if you want to install it 100% remotely.

Naresh Kumar

Hi Anjelica,

I need to track and record phonecalls, Social media calls and messages of my sister’s husband. We know he is cheating, but dont have any proof. I have phone number but dont have access to his phone. My Sister is not educated and cannot handle cell phones . Will you be able to install recommended a spy app on his phone to track him? I have only phone number. Kindly help me with the details.

Anjelica Rivera

Hello Naresh, we do not provide any services, we only review software.


Since Apple has 2 factor authentication that can’t be turned off can I still locate an iPhone? Also on the email that is sent how does it install the app on the phone?

Anjelica Rivera

Have you tried reading our reviews? We’ve included a step-by-step installation with screenshots in each guide.


Hi! Is there a tracking device that has a free trial and I can pay monthly one at a time instead of 12? And no installation on target phone. I have tried Google maps and it doesn’t work.

Anjelica Rivera

Hey Violet, maybe is what you’re after? They offer a $1 trial. All the software that we have reviewed offer a monthly subscription where you don’t need to pay for 12 months.


Hi Anjelica

I have a question for you please. I am trying to track down a Canadian Cell Phone number, this individual has taken 30K from myself and has left the country. Now the only thing I am looking for is a GPS location of where this individual might be, I am not interested in any social gossip or pictures, I would just like to know where she is in the world so that I can get the authorities on her.
She has an iphone and I have her number, but I don’t have her apple ID or any passwords and as mentioned have no idea where she is. Can you recommend a program/website/app or something that can help me track this person down? I have tried the “send a link” (text) with a tracking app on it, but she isn’t clicking on it or accepting and text from other numbers.

Thank You


I’m suppose to be getting married but I have my suspicions that my boyfriend is communicating with another women. How do I monitor who he’s communicating with remotely. He has an Android phone

Anjelica Rivera

Hey Sue, install one of the monitoring apps listed above on his phone and you can monitor whatever he’s doing.


How would I know if it is on my phone?


What does the link look like for them and what does it do on their end when they click it? I’m trying to get access to my husbands phone, and tablet too if I can.

Anjelica Rivera

It’s a regular link to an apk file (if installing on an Android). It’s better to install it yourself, the chances that someone will install unknown software is slim.


How can I turned off 2 factor authentication on my facebook account that someone put after I put my password then it asks for the 6 digit authentication that I did not put but a hacker put it

Koviljka Nikolic

Good afternoon
Can I remotely access in my boyfriend Samsung phone? Can I use any app that works if you have access in Google account or gmail account or any other app.
Thank you


My boyfriend has a password on his phone.He has cheated on my at least a few times.He said I’m being crazy for thinking that.He has been on many sights looking for people I can tell just can’t get into the sights to see.So I need to find out if he has through text messages or calling.His email account was set up though my phone so I can see that way of were he has been just not what is said.We both have a android and I’m not phone technology at all..I need help


Where do you get the link to send to the targets android device so they will download it themselves?

Anjelica Rivera

You get it sent to your mailbox once you’ve bought the app.


Can I install monitoring app on Android remotely?

Anjelica Rivera

Yes, you sure can! uMobix works great if you have other person’s iCloud credentials.


I have caught my man times before but I need to spy on his phone without him doing anything on it or touching the device at all can I do that?

Anjelica Rivera

Hey, you can install a spy app like mSpy remotely if you know his iCloud credentials.


Hi Anjelica
Am from Kenya Africa I have 2 girlfriends who both I believe a cheating on me I wish to track their phone activities without installing software in their target android do I do this

Robin Beal

If I only have a phone number and cannot get access to the phone I want to monitor is there a way to monitor it? I have android and target is an iphone


What steps do I take to monitor and track my wife’s every move she does in her phone . Without me having any type of access to her phone . Please help . Thank you


My boyfriend changed his number on me Again. So I don’t have his number. But I bought him the phone (android) so I have the IMEI#. is there anyway I can see his location? He has cheated and if he is where I think he is really need to know.

Anjelica Rivera

I’ve explained all about IMEI tracking before, but the short answer is that you’ll need physical access to his phone at least once to track him. You can’t do it remotely, I’m afraid.

Mariana Applegate

Good articles, apps and service deserves all the accolades, that’s why I’ll forever applaud the efforts of the most reliable tech gal who helped me spy through my husband’s cellphone within the shortest possible time. Sometimes hiring a professional to take care of things like snooping into tech devices, might be frustrating, but believe me the frustration is not as much as finding out the truth that your loved one has been a cheat behind you, so I’d rather say it’s a relief finding a portal of tech savvy people like you guys.

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