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Anjelica Rivera

Anjelica Rivera

Anjelica has almost 10 years of experience in cell-tracking, online monitoring, and cybersecurity. In her role as a business owner, she looked for effective ways to monitor her employees, which, in turn, has given Anjelica a lot of hands-on knowledge. Her dedication to learning and testing about spying apps, cybersecurity threats, hack attacks genuinely contribute to the development of up-to-date content on celltrackingapps.com.

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read someones text messages without installing software on their phone featured photo

Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing Software On Their Phone


Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, especially teenagers. However, as the use of the internet continues to grow among millions of young users, so does the presence of online predators. These predators create social media accounts using fake identities to trick young users into revealing sensitive information. The result could be a moody teenager being […]

qustodio review

Qustodio Parental Control App Review


Qustodio is a popular name when it comes to parental control apps. But while it can help keep your kid safer, there are tons more to know about its capabilities. As such, today we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Qustodio’s: Features Compatibility System Requirements Pricing Plans Installation Process What is Qustodio? Put simply, Qustodio […]

Spyzie Phone Tracker App Review


The use of spy apps such as Spyzie has become mainstream for parents who care about their children’s safety online. Despite its popularity, today we’ll be finding out how well it stacks up in terms of: Features (Android and iPhone) Installation and uninstallation processes Pricing What is Spyzie? As mentioned above, Spyzie is among the […]

remove spy apps from phone

How to Remove mSpy from Your Phone?


mSpy has helped millions of people have a good night’s sleep as this remote phone monitoring app can easily track the targeted device and find out if anyone is bullying your child or whether your spouse is cheating on you. These types of phone tracking apps can pose a serious privacy issue if they’re installed […]

best spy apps for phones

Top 16 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps in 2021

The digital era we live in is a double-edged sword of sorts. While we positively revel in the convenience and communication that any standard Android and iOS device brings with it, it also opens up users to a host of suspicious, and frequently, fraudulent activities that wreak havoc the world over. This is precisely why […]

8 Best Facebook Spy Apps to Read Someone’s Messages


Due to various reasons, spyware that allows us to read someone’s Facebook messages is becoming more popular today. To begin with, Facebook is a social media platform widely used by teenagers to send text messages, share photos, statuses, meet new people, and even make video messages through the Facebook messenger app. This makes it a […]

How to Spy on WhatsApp – Best WhatsApp Spy Tools in 2021


We know that WhatsApp has become an indispensable part of our lives. But, we can’t turn a blind eye towards the dangers that might follow you or your loved ones because of the wrong usage of WhatsApp. Your kids can be a victim of cyberbullying, your spouse may have an affair, or your employees might […]

How to Read My Wife's Text Messages from My Phone

How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages from My Phone


Personal phones and social media accounts have exponentially complicated, intimate relationships. There’s a lot you put at stake when you knowingly or unknowingly read your better half’s texts, go through call logs, and check friend requests. Even though you trust your wife and are sure she won’t cheat on you, you need to make sure […]

see incognito history

How to See Incognito History: 2021 Guide


To see the searches run in the incognito mode, you In this case, aggregating data would be real to do. Below we present ethical ways on how to see someone’s hidden history taking into consideration all peculiarities of each approach. Can You Trace Incognito History? Yes, there are a couple of different methods you can […]

office work vector

6 Best Employee Computer Monitoring Software


In this article, we review the based on an experiment we’ve just concluded. In the experiment, we compared the most popular monitoring tools for PCs specializing in employees and best monitoring software for PCs for general use by employers, parents, and spouses. The goal was to find out which is better for business professionals. Read on […]

iPhone Parental Monitoring Software – 5 Top Picks


Are you worried about how your kids use their iPhones? If you notice increased online time, a sudden change in behavior, or lower marks at school, then it is time to consider an iPhone spying app. There are just too many out there, so we decided to save you some time and picked 5 market […]

How to Read My Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages Without Her Knowing?


Have you ever had the feeling that something is wrong, and you just can’t put your finger on it? Well, don’t be surprised. ”How to read my girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without her knowing from a distance” and “How to spy on my boyfriend’s phone without touching it” tare among the most common Google search queries. […]

Cocospy Product

A Detailed Cocospy Review: Everything You Need to Know


Cocospy is one of the prevalent Android spy apps in over 190 countries around the world, endorsed by more than a million users and counting. Their strong team of IT specialists, developers, and researches boasts 10+ years of experience in the online security sector. By far, not every spyware provider has such an impressive achievement […]

spy on boyfriends phone without touching it

How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without Touching It


There are times when we can’t help but be suspicious of our partner’s actions, especially if those actions are something that they don’t usually show when you’re around. For women, they would be willing to do almost anything just to find out what their boyfriends are doing, even as far as spying on their boyfriend’s […]

couple tracker

Top 7 Couple Tracker Apps for Android and iOS in 2021


If you have doubts that your partner might be spending time with another, there is an excellent way to clear your doubts and catch a cheater. This short guide is going to briefly introduce you to the top 7 tracking apps couples can use to track their partner’s phone and find out the truth. If […]

how to hack someones cell phone camera remotely

How to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone Camera Remotely


Sometimes, you have no option but to hack someone’s phone camera. It might sound complicated, but there are many ways to remotely hack someone’s camera to know what they’re up to. In this article, we’ll highlight someone of the easiest ways to hack mobile camera and get access to live feed and saved images and […]

Top Free Android Spy Apps to Catch Your Cheating Spouse


Since about 67% of men and 45% of women cheat, hence it’s quite understandable why you’d want to search for free Android spy apps cheating spouse. In this article, we’re going to cover real ways to catch a cheating spouse. We have highlighted some of the best apps that will give you access to their […]

famisafe product

FamiSafe App Review – Parenting Made Easy


Predators are everywhere. As a parent, you must always have your guards up around your kids, even you have limitations. That is where FamiSafe, the most reliable parental control app with its range of features (app usage tracking, web content monitoring, screen time limitations, app blocker, location history, real-time location tracker, sleep time tracker) comes in […]

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