FlexiSPY Guide – All You Need to Know


FlexiSPY is a unique spy app that was designed for smartphone monitoring and spying. It is jam-packed with cool features, all of which we will thoroughly discuss throughout the article. This tool has been gaining a lot of traction recently, so we’ve decided to test it out.

We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on how to use this app, its features, pricing, etc. If you’d like to know whether FlexiSPY is worth the hype, then keep on reading.

What is FlexiSPY?

FlexiSPY is an advanced spy app for Android and iPhone, which presents itself as a world-class app. It lets you monitor all aspects of your target device and stays undetectable.

FlexiSPY key features

Buying high-quality software isn’t cheap, but paid the price for the FlexiSPY is entirely justified. The company focuses on the maximum result and fullest possibilities. Therefore, they try to support all popular OS, such as iOS, Android, and others. Below are listed their unique features:

Record phone calls

Recording phone calls is a unique feature that enables users to hear their target’s conversation. Not only that, but you can also remotely turn on the target device’s microphone to spy and listen to their cell phone calls in real-time.

Send fake messages

Sending fake messages can be a great way to check whether your loved one is cheating on you. All you need to do is to send a fake SMS and wait to see their reaction. This feature can be used for different purposes, hence why it’s so handy.

Remote stealth camera

Worried about the safety of your child outside? Using FlexiSPY, you can take remote photos to determine the location and security of your child. It gives you undeniable proof of what they were up to.

Track all messages

FlexiSPY is considered to be one of the best SMS trackers that will help you not only track messages but also social media accounts of your loved ones. In this way, you can ensure their safety even when you’re not with them.

RemCam and RemVid

RemCam and RemVid are two unique FlexiSPY features that allow you to turn a phone remotely into a camera and video recorder. It can come in handy for ensuring the safety of your loved ones and gathering video evidence.

Manage files and apps

Taken photos, downloaded files, and Android applications, existing documents, and videos are under your control. With FlexiSPY phone tracker, you may revise them, delete or change settings at a distance and stay anonymous for a phone user.

GPS location monitoring

Tracking the smartphone’s location and previous routes without them knowing are standard options with the FlexiSPY. You may explore all the travels of the phone user within a selected period and receive reports on your email. The system allows you to detect some restricted areas and inform you about each frontier crossing.

Ambient recording

Look live screen activity, hear and record microphone capturing. With FlexiSPY, you can monitor Android and provide other smartphone manipulations. You may even find out what happens around the target device.

How does FlexiSPY work?

The installation process is quite simple and pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is to install FlexiSPY on the target device. The  app will work silently in the background , carefully keeping track of all monitored activities.

Not only that, but you can also utilize certain remote functions to ensure that you aren’t missing anything. You can see and monitor all data through your FlexiSPY control panel. Just log into your account, and that’s it.

Pricing and plans




$29.95 / mo

$68 / 1 mo

$199 / 3 mo


$99 / 3 mo

$349 / 12 mo


$149 / 12 mo



Lite offers an essential set of monitoring features at an unbeatable price. It is a perfect match for those who are on a budget.

FlexiSPY Premium

This version of the program provides you with all standard features you may expect from any other monitoring application. You can monitor instant messengers, view phone call logs, review images, and track web browser history of the target gadget.

This edition also allows you to monitor various chat applications and even social media. You may quickly view someone’s private Facebook account, read his or her messages from Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, and much more. This package regularly goes through updates and improvements.

FlexiSPY Extreme

This version of the program has more to offer to its users. It has become the most popular version of the program. In this version, FlexiSpy goes to the real extreme. Here are three additional features to a standard package available only for this version:

  • Live mode call interception
  • Recording of all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Surroundings recording with a built-in mic of the target device.

Try FlexiSpy


FlexiSpy is compatible with all significant OSs such as Android 4.0.3 to 8.1, iOS versions up to 12.4, and BlackBerry 5.0 to 7.1. It is also compatible with Windows (7 and upwards) and Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) to Sierra (10.12).

How to install FlexiSPY without the target device

Unfortunately, FlexiSPY  requires physical access to the device.  That means that, unless you have the target phone, you won’t be able to install it.

However, FlexiSPY also has a dedicated online shop where they offer smartphones with pre-installed software. So, perhaps you could pretend that you got a new phone for the target as a gift, without them knowing that there’s spyware installed.

Is FlexiSpy legit?

FlexiSpy is  legally available  at the sole understanding that the user accepts full legal responsibility for the lawful use of the software, with the undertaking that the software will not be used on devices without the owner’s consent.

Is FlexiSPY detectable?

This is one of the things we love the most about FlexiSPY. Unlike many other similar spy apps on the market, FlexiSPY offers a reliable  stealth mode . That means that the target will never know that they’re being monitored.

Instead, the app will run silently in the background, diligently relaying information to you. So, no, FlexiSPY is not detectable. Unless, of course, the target performs a more in-depth scan of the device or pays for professional debugging.

Does FlexiSPY require jailbreaking?

When it comes to rooting (Android) and jailbreaking (iOS),  some features might require this action . If you’d like to use FlexiSPY on iOS devices, jailbreaking is required. Android devices, though, don’t have to be rooted for all features. Only some require rooting.

Luckily, the company offers assistance for rooting and jailbreaking. So, if you have some unclarities, make sure to reach out.

Moreover, if you find this too complicated, you can always purchase a ready device. Namely, FlexiSPY also has a dedicated webshop where you can buy smartphones with pre-installed FlexiSPY software.

Why would I need FlexiSPY?

What makes this type of software great is the fact that it has multiple applications. Although it was created as a parental control tool, you can use it for a lot of other stuff. It can be useful for:

  • Individuals who suspect that their loved one is cheating on them
  • Worried parents who’d like to ensure that their kid isn’t communicating with strangers
  • Employers who’d like to ensure that their employees aren’t wasting time or trying to expose company secrets


In this article, we’ve made sure to include everything and anything one has to know about FlexiSPY before purchasing it. In our opinion, this is an all-around winner. The price is very fair, considering the number of options you’ll receive. We highly recommend this app for the following reasons:

It comes with a stealth mode It’s not free
It’s secureSome features require rooting (Android) or jailbreaking (iOS)
It’s beginner-friendlyIt requires physical access to the target device
It has remote control features 
They have stellar customer service 

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Will this work on huawei p30? Google protect isent the problem but the optimizer with avast antivirus discovers every other spyware i have tried to install!

Anjelica Rivera
Anjelica Rivera

Can you disable the avast antivirus? If so, do it temporarily and maybe you can add Flexispy to the whitelist ?

Kumar Vishal

After the App icon is hidden can it be seen in the app section of the settings of an Android phone.

Anjelica Rivera

Just a few simple steps to hide it 🙂

For iPhone
For iPhones, you may also hide the Cydia icon which is normally visible after jailbreaking.

For Android
For Androids, the application can also be hidden from the Android Applications Manager if the phone is rooted and granted SuperUser permissions prior to installation. The SU icon may also be hidden, which is normally visible after rooting.


I’m assuming you have to go into phones settings to allow unauthorized apps to be downloaded and also turn off Google Play Protect??? I tested a certain spy app (not this one) on my phone before installing onto target phone and once I turned back on Google Play Protect after it was downloaded…boom spy app was detected. Will this app or apk run undetectable with Google Play Protect on?

Anjelica Rivera

Last time our team tried Umobix and it works just fine with Google Play Protect. Please, let us know if it works for you 🙂


Thankyou for the review.Please mention which functions will require the root process to work properly.
Does Galaxy Note 10 works with all functions without rooting.

Anjelica Rivera

Here’s what the official website says:

  • You need to get physical access to the device.
  • You must know the passcode to the device if it has one.
  • Advanced features require additional device configuration (rooting) – included in our remote installation service.
  • Call Interception is not available on CDMA devices

Go to Settings > Depending on your phone, click ‘About phone’, ‘System’, or ‘Software Information’ > The Android version will be displayed.

Android Version 10 Limitations

  • Hiding the FlexiSPY app icon on non-root devices requires the use of our installation service on Android 10
  • Call Recording should work on most Android 10 devices, except for Rooted Samsung Note10 and S10 devices
  • VoIP Call Recording currently only supports non-rooted devices on Android 10
  • Call Interception, and Spoof SMS are not supported
  • Spycall not supported

The only thing the Samsung Note 10 might differ is the power-up instruction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vmHRhUUODI

Josue Cadet

Can this app can record voice messages or calls from WhatsApp ?

William T Thomas

Will this work on a galaxy s20? Thnx, tyler


Are you able to see screenshots when in incognito mode on web browsers? Or see links used on incognito mode?


Install Covenant Eyes on their phone. It will give you screenshots and show you detailed web browsing.


Does this app have a key logger?


Hi what if the iPhone has a 2step verification can you still download info with their Apple ID and password?


You can turn off 2FA and install the app on their phone.


Is the app visible when installed on the target device?


No, you can hide Flexispy to make it invisible.

Steve Chappell

Hi, I’m hoping you can help. My “soulmate” is several states away, visiting her mother. Some of our phone conversations seem odd. Is it possible to track her phone without being able to access it? I can pay for it.
Thank you


If you have her iCloud credentials, you can install Flexispy remotely and track her messages.

Steve Chappell

Thank you. I’ll see.


My main concern is connecting to an android phone without access to the phone if this app does this I want it ASAP plz help I have an iPhone 8


Sure, you can install Flexispy on an Android phone and track it from your iPhone. You get a website where you can track all activities.


I think the main question is: do I need to access my child’s phone at all to get this up and running correctly or will they be notified that this program is on their phone?


You will need access ONCE, afterwards, you can make the app invisible on their phone and they won’t be notified of anything.