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10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission

Are you worried about your child’s online safety? Or, you would perhaps like to ensure that your employees are following best company practices? Monitor all iPhone and Android phone activities from a single place by enlisting the help of best phone tracker apps.

✔️ View incoming and outgoing calls  ✔️ No root & no jailbreak
✔️ View deleted text messages   ✔️ Money-back guarantee
✔️ Spy on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat 


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mSpy – Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

mSpy – Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission logo 9.5 / 10
  • Keystroke logger;
  • Monitoring of deleted text messages;
  • Blocking functions, calls restriction;
  • Instant Messengers monitoring;
  • Satellite address locator & GPS tracking, Geo-Fencing;
  • Wi-Fi monitoring.
  • No jailbreak

mSpy seems to be the best cell phone tracker app, preferred by most people over the years. That is due to its functionality. This top tracking app offers over 20 attractive and handy features as well as 24/7 multi-language customer support.

It is a perfect cell phone spy without access to the target phone — the most suitable solution for parents, professionals, and individuals who want to monitor target devices remotely. mSpy is a secret cell tracker program that is easy to use and has the best functionality among similar offers: You can anonymously get data about all target activities.

You can view mobile phone book numbers and calendar plans within the targeted gadgets. mSpy provides its users with the best monitoring experience.

This tracking software works regardless of the cellular carrier network or the real-time location of the target device and is compatible with all service providers (carriers).

You can be sure about your kid’s and family members’ safety using this piece of tracking software. For more information check out our full review.

Cocospy – Best Undetectable Phone Tracker App

Cocospy – Best Undetectable Phone Tracker App logo 9.4 / 10
  • Tracking SIM location – a rare function among spy apps;
  • Remote download on iOS devices;
  • Spying on instant messengers without rooting Android;
  • Package for business – monitoring up to 25 devices at once;
  • Web history tracker with timestamps, bookmarks, site descriptions;
  • Viewing network details, carrier, IMEI.
  • No jailbreak

The Cocospy cell tracker app has an advanced GPS location feature. It allows seeing the real-time location of the lost or stolen target device, helps to determine where e.g. the children are at any given moment without calling them, using not only GPS but also Wi-Fi and LTE networks.

Cocospy mobile tracking app is recommended for parents to ensure that their children do not get into trouble. Using this tracking software, one can anonymously view actions in the children’s and employees’ accessories.

It is possible to monitor SMS messages, call logs, and social site usage, location history, etc. making customers feel secure with info about their kids’ relationships and whereabouts.

KidsGuard – Best Phone Tracker App for Parents

KidsGuard – Best Phone Tracker App for Parents logo 8.9 / 10
  • Data Export;
  • Wi-Fi Logger;
  • Remote screenshots & photos;
  • Calls recording;
  • Timeline of all smartphone activities;
  • No jailbreak

KidsGuard is progressive tracking software that regularly releases powerful upgrades and supports the newest versions of Android and iOS. KidsGuard will help you meet all your spying needs and monitor cell phones of your children remotely.

Often, people are concerned about their kids’ and family members’ safety and interactions with others. Most of them take place on social media sites, and their communication via SMS and calls may worry parents. KidsGuard offers the ultimate solution.

With this cell phone tracking application, parents can monitor their children and ensure their all-round-protection. They can guarantee that children do not get into trouble, such as being victims of cyber-bullying or other harmful behavior.

Spyic – Best Cell Phone Tracker Without Them Knowing

Spyic – Best Cell Phone Tracker Without Them Knowing logo 8.8 / 10
  • Remote screenshots & photos;
  • Calls recording;
  • Wi-Fi Logger;
  • Remote taking of pictures;
  • Timeline of all smartphone activities;
  • Search alerts.
  • No jailbreak

Spyic offers the most needed tracking and spying features for a reasonable price, by means of a convenient one-time payment. It is an efficient, easy to use, and useful tracker app that enables you to spy on someone’s phone activity 24/7.

Business owners can use this smart cell tracking app to track someone and monitor the online actions of their employees while they use company gadgets. It is essential because they can note whether employees are disclosing crucial information outside.

Spouses or couples can benefit from this cell phone tracker software as well. It tracks whether an individual is cheating, and it is of high quality and simple to use, making it easy to track the targeted device.

Hoverwatch – Best Free Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Hoverwatch – Best Free Phone Tracker App Without Permission logo 8.9 / 10
  • Recording calls;
  • Tracking camera;
  • Invisible installation on the target device from your online account;
  • Android screenshots;
  • Detecting SIM Card Change.
  • No jailbreak

Hoverwatch – another spy software that assists you in tracking a mobile phone’s location, logging calls, and getting access to text messages, as well as to all sorts of exchanged media via a smartphone or a PC. Additionally, it allows the tracking of social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

The best feature of Hoverwatch is that you can spy on the internet activities of the monitored device without being detected. It also grants access to the list of contacts, calendar entries, to-do lists, and notes saved on the monitored device. It supports up to 25 Android devices at once, allowing you to monitor e.g. a small office.

Spyzie – Best App To Track Phone Without Them Knowing

Spyzie – Best App To Track Phone Without Them Knowing logo 8.6 / 10
  • Monitoring Wi-Fi networks;
  • Geo-Fencing;
  • Spying on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp;
  • Blocking websites, applications & restricting calls;
  • Keylogger.
  • No jailbreak

Spyzie is the best advanced phone tracker app that doesn’t require permission. It boasts a no-jailbreak solution for iPhones and provides a chance to monitor all targeted device’s basic activities like calls, SMS, emails, GPS location, internet history, contacts & calendar remotely.

The installation process is not complicated with an over-the-air link, the tracking software is easy to use. People mostly prefer Spyzie for the anonymous monitoring of spouses, children, or employees, and it is one of the top mobile GPS tracker apps on the market. With such functionality, you genuinely have a robust cell tracker at your disposal!

FamiSafe – Ultimate Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone

FamiSafe – Ultimate Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone logo 8 / 10
  • Screen time control & scheduling;
  • Explicit messages content alerts;
  • Filtering of online activities and app usage;
  • Detection of suspicious photos;
  • Device blocking;
  • Updates free of charge.
  • No jailbreak

FamiSafe phone tracker took location services a step further than the other providers. Not only can you track your kids’ real time-location and location history timeline – the geofences will immediately notify you when children are lost, skipping school or taken to dangerous places. The Smart Schedule feature will also regulate screen time depending on the location.

The FamiSafe smart cell phone tracking app can be used by a big family or even the whole class. It has parents’ back both in everyday life by forming healthy digital routines, and in extreme situations by instantly detecting cyberbullying, suicidal behavior, sexual predators, or pornographic content. Get detailed device activity reports, set blocking and filtering preferences, track location in a novel way – and leave the fear of the unknown behind.

Qustodio – Best Phone Tracker App for Android

Qustodio – Best Phone Tracker App for Android logo 7.3 / 10
  • Touch action snapshots;
  • Clipboard;
  • Keystrokes in the native language;
  • Remote Configuration;
  • Remote Configuration;
  • No jailbreak

Qustodio secret cell tracker program has gained tremendous popularity worldwide, especially among concerned parents. It includes an exact time when the gadget was lost, location history, or phone’s position on Google Maps and other data.

You can sign up for the free trial and get a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying it out. This tracking software enables you to get details about situations like monitoring features of the targeted device activities, the number of apps it can hack is impressive indeed.

FlexiSpy – Best Mobile Tracker

FlexiSpy – Best Mobile Tracker logo 8.1 / 10
  • Retrieve any needed password from a phone’s memory via Password Cracker;
  • Automatically delete texts with specified keywords;
  • Record and listen in on mobile phone calls, and calls on social media;
  • Activate and control the targeted device’s built-in camera and microphone to monitor surroundings;
  • Send fake SMS from fake numbers;
  • Intercept phone calls, get call alerts.

Among all the software for monitoring iOS and Android devices mentioned in this review, FlexiSpy is one of the best. FlexiSpy offers more features than any other product of its kind. It features the ability to capture: SMS, Photos, GPS tracking, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, etc.

You can use this cell tracker app without permission of the target with any electronic gadget. FlexiSpy gives you the ability not only to spy on any iPhone or Android device for any of your parental control or business monitoring needs but also to fully track iOS and Android devices!

FlexiSpy is an excellent phone tracker that will impress you with its effectiveness and provide an enjoyable experience while spying and monitoring targeted devices effortlessly.

Our verdict

Our online security team tested this spyware personally, taking extensive customer reviews into account. A critical analysis of the software features shows that they have powerful spying tools implemented and gain high ratings by experts and users alike. No wonder, since extraordinary developers provide these tracking apps. That is why they are considered to be the most effective, convenient, and affordable.

These program suits have features and functions that distinguish them among the wide variety of similar pieces of tracking software – we picked the cream of the crop for you. Look no further, choose any of these advanced phone trackers and enjoy a new level of spying experience.


What is phone tracking?

Phone tracking is the process of identifying the position of a phone, whether stationary or moving, accessing the activities of a phone, and managing or controlling a particular device. These programs are developed for parents and employers for easy monitoring their employees and children’s phone activities.

Is there a free phone tracker?

You can track the location of your phone in real-time with free mobile tracker apps for smartphones like Google Find My Device and iCloud Find my iPhone. These built-in programs are free of charge. However, there are two issues. First, some of these have to be activated in advance in order for them to work. Secondly, they are very unreliable and offer very limited features. The most comprehensive phone trackers are spy apps, which usually require an affordable subscription fee.

Can you spy on a phone without accessing it?

Yes, most phone trackers allow you to spy on any phone without physically accessing it. With mSpy, you can do so by choosing the mSpy without jailbreak option. You also must obtain the credentials of the target iCloud account to install the software remotely.

Is rooting or jailbreaking needed to set up the phone tracker app?

Rooting and jailbreaking are not always necessary. Some phone tracker apps require rooting and jailbreaking while others do not. Tracking apps that don’t need either of the two (like mSpy or Cocospy) are easy to install on the target iOS device but the functions may be limited compared to the rooted/jailbreaking version.

Where Can I View The Target Phone’s Data?

After you purchase spy software, you will receive an email with your account credentials. For more straightforward viewing of data collected, link your account on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. All the data from the target phone is accessible in the control panel or the app dashboard.

What is the best cell phone tracker app without permission for iPhones?

mSpy is one of the most popular tracker apps for iPhones. The app offers a no-jailbreak solution making it very easy to install and use. With mSpy, you can:

  • Get GPS location and history of the target device
  • Access Facebook and social media messages
  • Gain remote access to calls and texts
  • View browsing activity
  • Check call history
  • See all phone media – photos, videos, etc.

How does a phone tracker app work?

To learn how do spy apps work, we will take mSpy as an example. This is one of the best phone monitoring apps that will let you track and monitor any phone. To get started, all you need to do is select a plan from its official website, choose a suitable subscription plan, and install the program as per the instructions you will receive in your email. Once done, just log into your dashboard and start monitoring your target’s activities.

What cell phone activities can I track?

With a phone tracker app you can track:

  • Internet search history
  • Phone calls (listening and recording conversations)
  • Text messages (sent, received and deleted)
  • Physical location of the phone through GPS tracking
  • Social media activities – comments, text messages, voice and video calls
  • SIM card change
  • App usage
  • Access target phone’s camera remotely

However, this depends on the tracker app of your choice. Different phone monitoring apps have a different scope of features.

Are phone tracker apps undetectable and invisible?

Yes. Most phone tracker apps serve you discreetly. Some cell phone tracker apps, for example, mSpy, can be used even without having physical access to the target phone.

Is it legal to use cell phone spy software?

In general, using spy software is completely legal, as long as you’re using it for ethical reasons. If you’re compromising someone’s privacy without their consent, you might face some legal consequences. However, this also depends on you location, as different countries have different regulations in place.

What is the best cell phone tracker app without permission for Android?

Cocospy is among the best cell phone tracker apps for android devices.

  • The application installation runs invisibly.
  • It allows you to read all sent and received messages
  • The app has advanced GPS mapping.
  • You can view phone’s app activity.
  • Tracking internet browsing history
  • Geofencing

You can do all these secretly without physical access to the target device.

What is the absolute best phone tracker app without permission?

mSpy is one of the best phone trackers and our top choice. It allows you to monitor the text messages, calls, and current GPS location of the target mobile. It also allows you to access several messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, and Viber and provides access to much more. You can install this best phone tracker app without having physical access to the device.

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