Seriously Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup to Find an Owner


Are you in a difficult situation with unknown callers? Are you tired of phone calls from strangers? Do you want to find out who is calling you or your kids and protect them from negative internet influence?

The QUICKEST WAY to reverse search someone’s phone number is to use an industry-favorite tool called Intelius. Get unlimited number searches for a week for only $0.95


Keep on reading for more reverse phone lookup reviews to find out who’s calling you. We will discuss both paid and free websites to look up phone numbers.

Here are our top four recommendations:

  1. Intelius – Best overall
  2. PeopleFinders – Totally free reverse cell phone lookup with name
  3. TruthFinder – Best for people finder

Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Name

Spokeo is a popular people search website which aggregates data from both online as well as offline resources. It is well-known for aggregating and organizing public data. The sources can be email lists, surveys, and social media profiles. You can also use it for landline phone number lookup and reverse fax number lookup free.

  • Find the person and identity by entering the unknown phone number
  • Get access to free cell phone number lookup by name
  • Understand who calls or texts you

With Spokeo’s seriously free reverse phone lookup, you can find the people matched to a phone number, their background, criminal checkup, and financial history.

Is There a Free Phone Number Lookup?💁

There are lots of tools that can help you with a free scammer phone lookup but how can you find out who a phone number actually belongs to for free?

Well, the sad reality is, cell phone information is private. The days when you could find someone’s number in a public directory are long gone.

Nonetheless, there are a few seriously free phone number lookup by name methods you can use.

How Can I Find Out Who a Phone Number Belongs to for Free with Google? 👩‍💻

google free reverse

There was a time you could use Google’s phonebook search for cell phone lookup by name.

NOTE: In 2010, this free reverse phone lookup was officially closed by Google. People from all over the world were finding their phone numbers in this phone database and asked Google to remove it. Then the company decided to delete the service as there were too many requests.

But it is still possible your phone can be included somewhere. However, you can remove your number from all the directories in Google, but it won’t remove those mentions you did by yourself all around the web.

Can you Google-search a phone number?❓

You can always try to use Google to find out who is calling you. Here’s how:

1. Type out the phone number (see what comes up in the search result, include the area code as well).

2. Look through each of the top-ranked URLs to know if you can find any information about who has this phone number.

  • If the said number isn’t attached to a ranked business, you might have to dig a little deeper.

3. Pull up the results that are linked to a social networking platform.

  • If the owner used the number in their public profile, Google would display those results.
  • If no phone index comes up in the search engine results, try using any other information you might have. For instance, use their email address if you have it or their occupation if you know what they do for a living.

4. Make an educated guess on which website they might be on.

  • Once you do, add the site parameter to your query and see what comes up.

NOTE: Google can find a proper requested phone number. If the phone you are trying to find or identify is not mentioned anywhere, the chance to succeed is minimal.

Whitepages Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Free with Name📃

Whitepages reverse phone lookup is one of the oldest free phone lookup services in the industry, boasting a massive database of over 275 million phone users. Leveraging on its 20-plus years’ experience, you can use the website for unknown phone number public directory search.

On Whitepages free cell phone lookup, you can also get information on whether they used a mobile phone or landline.

Here’s how this cell phone number lookup free method works:

  • Enter the phone number you want to look up in the website’s query field and hit search.

– The Whitepages results will look up phone number owner, their address information, and their wireless carrier.

– Alternatively, if you know the person’s name or address information but want to check phone number ownership, you can use it to match the phone number you’re looking up.

NOTE: While the free version of Whitepages free phone number search allows you to find number free, you can use their premium plan to run a background check on the caller, request for financial information, and learn about their criminal history if any.

How to Do a Free Cell Phone Number Lookup by Name?🤳🏾

With only names, you can find their phone number easily with PeoplesFinder phone number search, which is seriously free reverse phone lookup service.

By entering the name of a person, you can instantly get quality and essential personal information like:

  • Their email address
  • Contact information
  • Mug Shots
  • Criminal records
  • Social media information
  • Current or previous address
  • Job history

PeoplesFinder helps in running the background check on anyone. The people’s search feature will enable easy search of seriously free reverse phone lookup, just by knowing someone’s phone number.

All you need to do is fill in a name in the search box below to perform a reverse phone lookup.

What Is the Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup?📔

Though there are similarities between Spokeo and Kiwi Search, there are quite a few differences.

Spokeo find phone service and Kiwi Searches differ in the underlying technology and pricing. Kiwi Search uses the state of the art technology.

The fee for Spokeo is $13.92 for a month, $7.95 a month for 3 months, and $4.95 a month for 6 months. With this base amount, you will be able to determine the people’s identity quickly by reverse cellphone lookup free with name results.

You will need to pay $0.95 to sign up for a trial Kiwi Search membership.

The trial membership will be converted to full membership in 3 days. A recurring fee of $24.95 per month will be charged.

Seriously Free Phone Number Lookup Apps📲

Having a phone number lookup app on your phone is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to screen your callers in real-time. Here are some top picks for call lookup apps:

Reverse Lookup

reverse lookup app

Reverse Lookup is a free phone lookup with name app for devices that run on iOS. It effectively retrieves caller information associated with cellphones and landlines as well as fax and toll-free numbers. It currently supports phone numbers in the US and Canada.

Whoscall App

whoscall app

Whoscall allows completely free reverse cell phone lookup with name or number. It provides fully integrated features that enable you to not only search a phone number but also identify, manage, and block spam.

TruthFinder App

truthfinder app

Reverse phone lookup TruthFinder is revolutionary. You can do a free phone number lookup, but you can also get a full background report on the individual. How’s that for thorough?

Truecaller App

truecaller app

Truecaller’s database spans over 250 million people worldwide. It automatically identifies any unknown SMS or calls you may get. In addition to this, the app also instantly blocks all unwanted spam and telemarketing calls.


RevealName is another great search information by phone number service that allows you to find out who owns the number by performing a quick reverse search. Luckily, this service is also completely free and it works with mobile service providers across the globe. What’s interesting about it is that it also allows you to call someone.

All you need to do to perform a search is to enter the desired phone number in the search box, and click on the ”Name Lookup” option, as displayed in the instructions below:

Social Network Lookup💻

  1. If you’re wondering how to find a phone number for free, bet you never knew that you could use your social networks to do so. A prime example of this is Facebook.

Here users would enter the phone number they’re searching for in the platform’s search bar. The user profile associated with the number would then pop up in the results and voila!

NOTE: Due to privacy concerns, Facebook disabled this capability in April 2018.

2. A great alternative you can use is LinkedIn Lookup. It allows you to get contact details about users based on the necessary information they provide in their profile.

They, however, need to have made this information public.

3. You could also use third-party websites like Pipl to look up phone numbers and match them to their social media profiles.

Are There Any Truly Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Sites?

Yes, there are a couple of ways to lookup reverse phone number for free via services like Google and Whitepages, among others.

What Is the Best Free Cell Phone Number Lookup with Name No Charge?⌨️

These are the best free number lookup services with no charge according to our experts are Spokeo, PeopleFinders. It lets you find owner of phone number free and learn more about their private lives.

What Should I Know About Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup?☎️

We all live the era where cell phones take a large part of our lives. And some abuse and annoy others by calling. We all met bullies and punks who call on your phone from unknown numbers and keep silent or talk random stuff.

On the one hand, some ignore such people. On the other, some want to find out and stop unwanted interfering with their lives.

Mostly, they have to deal with phone abusers.

Unfortunately, kids may become a target for unknown bullies and another type of phone breaking scum. As a result, it leads to stressful situations that we should confront.

Free phone number lookup can be a good of help. However, there are also parental controls to keep kids safe from a significant load of dangers the modern world has.

Why Would Someone Use Free Phone Number Lookup?👁‍🗨

Do you have a missed call and think that it might be relevant? Need to find out who was calling you? Want to protect your children and want to find out who is calling your kids using unknown numbers if you are not around?

The reverse phone number directory can be used for all of these purposes. In different cases, the amount of info you can get about the person varies, but there will be something you can use as a vantage point anyway.

As the results of this free reverse phone number lookup operation go, you make your own decision to speak to this person or not.

As people deal with lots of problems that are necessary, those phone calls are made of nothing and should not take your precious time and forces.

However, there are lots of various cell phone trackers to block disturbing phone numbers as well as dangerous content and programs.

What Are the Main Methods of Phone Number Reverse Lookup?✔️

As we said before, there is not just one reliable way to lookup phone number free. There are a few of them, and you can choose the one you like the most, and that is more comfortable for you.

There are more effective ways to get that phone number lookup free than typing the phone number into the Google search machine.

Here are four main methods of phone number lookup.

Search Engines and Websites

Type in the phone number you want to do a lookup free reverse phone number lookup with Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine you like. There will be results with the mentioning of similar numbers all over the Internet.

Phone Number Lookup Websites

Just like you use Google and other search engines to look up a phone number, you can use particular services on the Internet. There are a few of them, and each has its own phone numbers base to work with.

Social Networks

Lots of us have all the required and necessary info included on our profiles, especially if you are working with your Facebook or LinkedIn. You can use a searching section of those social networks for free phone number lookup.

Phone Numbers Lookup Apps

This solution is very reliable and the most effective of all we have mentioned here. The results of your lookup can be more relevant and up-to-date than any other. Those apps keep their phone numbers bases regularly updated. However, don’t mix them up with those best hidden apps for Android – they collect phone data but don’t work well for phone number lookup.


Is It Legal To Look Up Phone Number for Free?

Newest cell phone number searches are operating in the legal frame. These services use only publicly available information. These days they can gather information using different social media networks, databases, and some of the address books.

What is a Phone Number Lookup?

Phone number lookup refers to searching records using just a phone number to find someone’s name and address and identify who a telephone number belongs to.
The greatest thing about these services is the possibility of free use.

How to Use Free Cell Phone Number Lookup?

The process of phone search is easy and fast. You need to:
1. Enter the website of the search service;
2. Print the number;
3. Run the process and find out all the information.
In several seconds you will find out all the information that you need to get.



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