Hoverwatch Review: All You Need To Know

Updated: August 8, 2020


hoverwatch general overviewIn many life situations, we worry about the welfare of our families, kids’ safety, and the effectiveness of family business. Android users think who their spouses are talking with and what takes their kids long to get home. Are our employees following the company’s rules?

Many situations may threaten our personal and professional lives. We need to avoid them using Android/iOS spy applications that provide complete access to the target mobile device. With the help of phone trackers, people stay aware of various activities running on the target device. Hoverwatch Android phone spy software is the right solution.

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is a universal and multifunctional spying application that can be used for monitoring both cell phones & computers. It quickly provides useful monitoring features.

Hoverwatch was designed to meet spying and monitoring needs. Using the app, parents can track devices of children and keep an eye on their lives. Employees can stay confident as the company’s cell phones, and computers will be used only for work purposes.

What’s the use?

chat-messages hoverwatchBoth parents and employees can use Hoverwatch effectively to monitor devices – it will meet the needs of both customers’ groups.

Parental Control

In general, the main task of any parent is to ensure the safety of their kids. Hoverwatch allows you to easily keep a close eye on your kids’ activities: who they are chatting with, where they are heading to after school, who they are calling, and the like.

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Employee Monitoring

If you are a TOP manager/business owner, you deal with confidentiality issues. You must be sure that the critical company’s financial, marketing, or manufacturing information is 100% secure. The app can prevent your company from unfair competition. Using it on your employees’ corporate phones allows staying aware of their text messages as well as calls.  You can also install Android hacking software to track their conversations. I will help you in reducing costs as your employees won’t be able to use mobile devices for their purposes.

Getting started with Hoverwatch

  • Sign up for your online Hoverwatch account on the official website of the app by using your password & valid email;
  • Download the installation file of the surveillance app found in your online panel;
  • Install Hoverwatch Android software;
  • Start monitoring: from this moment, all activities running on the target device will be fully viewed. Gain access to them at any time from the personal online account.

Key features

Hoverwatch is perfect for tracking Android mobile devices. The software provides a full range of necessary monitoring functions:

  • Spying on SMS & other text messages. Like other SMS trackers, the app makes it possible to view the exact incoming/outgoing SMS messages and the time they were sent and received;


  • Tracking phone calls. View all outgoing & incoming calls: the duration of calls, names, and data logs;
  • Monitoring social media activities. If you become a user of the Hoverwatch software, start monitoring/tracking activities of the user of the target mobile device in social media. You can spy on his or her Facebook account and messenger, chats on Viber, & WhatsApp. View different media files which the user sent or received with the help of social media accounts;
  • Tracking GPS location. This useful tracking function can’t be overestimated: it enables the app’s user to monitor the GPS location of the target device in real-time on the map. The app will easily track and show the exact location of the target device using Wi-Fi signals, available cell towers, plus the latest GPS technology;


  • Front camera photo. It is another feature that is entirely innovative. Hoverwatch activates the action of the phone’s front camera’ it makes photos automatically.
  • Tracking web browser history. Get information on URLs of visited websites, web titles, time & date logs, bookmarks, control the content your child wants to access;


  • Desktop screenshots. The software makes screenshots regularly meaning app sees what the owner of the target computer device does;
  • Keylogger. Hoverwatch makes it possible to track passwords, usernames, and even web browser search requests;
  • Web Camera Photos. Take photos using a web camera in the real-time mode. With this feature, track the surroundings of the target device easily;

Is Hoverwatch detectable?

In simple words no! And this is what makes this app the best tracking and monitoring tool. It can work in stealth mode without letting the mobile user know of its working. All you need to do is hide the icon, and the target mobile user won’t be able to detect it even in the list of installed apps.

Is Hoverwatch legit?

Although you might get an idea that Hoverwatch is not a legit app, all thanks to a range of ways through which it helps you in tracking people –  this is not true. The software is entirely legal.

All you need to be wary of is its usage. Although the software is legit, the way, you use it which might breach the laws. To stay on the safer side and to play the cards right, it is highly recommended to take a look at the concerned state, federal, and local laws.

It is essential to mention here that using tracking software on your kid’s phone or on the devices that you own is generally considered to be legal.

We will highly recommend you to be responsible for all the information that you gather through this app and avoid using it illegally. It is because the illegal use of the data thus collected can put you in the wrong light.

Pricing and plans

hoverwatch pricingHoverwatch is highly accessible, and this didn’t come as a surprise to us. What could be a more legitimate way to keep an eye on your kid’s whereabouts and employees’ activities than this app? It is the reason perhaps why the software is installed on more than 12 million devices.

The software is affordable. Its plan starts from $24.95 Itper month and allows you to track one device. If you want to track up to 5 devices at a time, you can choose to opt for a professional plan that starts from $9.99 per month/per device. Additionally, the business plan of the software allows you to track 25 devices at a time and starts from $6.00 per month/per device.

What’s more, if you are not satisfied with their services (which is hardly the case), you can initiate the refund process within seven days.


Thankfully, Hoverwatch is compatible with an array of devices be it an Android mobile, a Mac computer, or a Windows phone! It is essential to mention here that the application doesn’t work as intended on the devices other than the ones mentioned here. Thus, it is highly recommended to avoid installing the apps on incompatible devices for the best results. Further, to be able to track the device, you must root the concerned device properly. write text here

Hoverwatch doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to providing support to the customers. If you have any questions related to the technical aspects of the app, you can head on straight to the FAQ section of the website. For more advanced queries like if you are facing any technical glitch, you can contact their Customer Support team by filling out the form on their site.

Pros and Cons

Like everything else, Hoverwatch has its share of pros and cons as well. The app provides you with its free trial version to help you gauge its usefulness before you make the purchase. Further, using the app is easy, as well. To make things simpler, the app also provides you with a demo mode and explains all the essential features.

One of the best features of this app is that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. Its pricing is excellent too, especially for personal usage. However, one thing that could have been better is its compatibility with phones. As of now, the app is only compatible with Android phones and is not available for iOS. If you were searching for iPhone spy apps, click here to discover the best of them.

The verdict

As is evident, Hoverwatch is a reliable and convenient tracking app for parents and employers alike. You can easily keep a tab on your kids and employees (as the case might be), and enjoy peace of mind in your personal and professional lives. Its attractive pricing and prompt customer service further enhance the experience.

All these factors and more make it easy to conclude that Hoverwatch is the best tracking app that you can choose to go .for! What are your views on this? Have you ever used Hoverwatch? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Jan

    I need to find an easy way to hack my boyfriend’s whatsapp with only using his telephone number. Can you advise of the best way please?

    • Anjelica

      Install this app on his phone and follow him through the control panel, it’s that easy 🙂

  • Gamina

    I want to try out a spy app that’s super easy to install and will not be detected cause if my bf found out he would be livid. He is a little tech savy so if I’m gonna do this it has to be something absolutely undetectable and does not require rooting or jailbreaking cause I hear that these things can potentially damage the phone. I would like to have access to WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, his texts, videos, pictures, and be able to monitor phone calls as well. I cannot get caught by him. Please help. He has Android.

    • Anjelica

      Cocospy is completely hidden and is what you’re looking for. Another option is to try Umobix, these are both newcomers and are completely hidden.

  • Lou

    Can the app be detected in the app list?

    • Anjelica

      You can, but it’s going to be hard because it’s masked as an Android service.

  • Kay

    I want to use this app to someone whose in another country. I don’t have physical access to their phones and their using Android.. how do i go about it?

  • Gus

    There was a notion thru my login regarding the monitoring phone…. **You have not granted the program on Samsung Galaxy Note9 the requested permissions to send the selected logs [All Screenshots]. Open the program on the monitored device [how to open], carefully read the program messages and grant the requested permissions [details]……

    What does this mean? Has the monitor phone located Hoverwatch?

    • Anjelica Rivera
      Anjelica Rivera

      You just need to give the app access rights on the phone.

  • Dwayne

    I have used an monitoring app to keep eye on my kids phone, however with previous app when my daughter turned off location a notification came up informing them the app wash using location. Is this something you have heard anyone mentioning about hoverwatch?

    • Anjelica

      This shouldn’t be the case. There is a way to turn it off, you can read it in the FAQ.

  • Pri

    I need this for a personal reason. I need to see my gf’s whatsapp and skype activities and messages, because we live in different towns now. I hope this app can help me without me having to get her phone.


  • Tammy Kelley

    How does one install on device you want to monitor?

    • Anjelica

      There are two ways:
      1) install Hoverwatch remotely: you’ll need iCloud credentials for this. Install Hoverwatch from the app store and you’re good to go.
      2) physical access: get the phone and install the software.

  • Jamie

    Can you see incoming and outgoing Facebook messages with out rooting by just using the hidden app. Also does this record calls.

    • Anjelica

      Yes, it does both!