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best spy apps for phones

Top 16 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps in 2021

The digital era we live in is a double-edged sword of sorts. While we positively revel in the convenience and communication that any standard Android and iOS device brings with it, it also opens up users to a host of suspicious, and frequently, fraudulent activities that wreak havoc the world over. This is precisely why […]

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6 Best Employee Computer Monitoring Software


In this article, we review the based on an experiment we’ve just concluded. In the experiment, we compared the most popular monitoring tools for PCs specializing in employees and best monitoring software for PCs for general use by employers, parents, and spouses. The goal was to find out which is better for business professionals. Read on […]

undetectable spy apps

9 Best Free Spy Apps for Android – NO ROOT


If you need to spy on an Android mobile device, there is only one way to do it: installing an undetectable spy app for Android or using Android hacking apps. There can be many reasons you need to use spy apps on a mobile device, so choosing the right cell phone tracking app can help […]

Google Android figure standing on desk near laptop computer

Top 7 Keyloggers for Android


When you need to monitor someone’s online activities, the best way is to use a reliable application that will give you all the required information. Is your kid using his or her phone for dubious purposes? Are there employees who can share confidential business information about your company? A well-designed Android keylogger can quickly answer […]

These best free Android apps: Google Voice, Call Recorder, Automatic Call Recorder, and others will help you to record any phone call secretly.

The Best Android Apps to Record Phone Calls Secretly in 2021


We have found out few Android apps to record phone calls secretly that will perform on all versions without damaging your device. Before jumping into it, let’s take a look at some recent Android limitations that might change the way you need to install any recording apps on the device. Android limitations The recent update […]

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