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Updated: July 5, 2017


SurePoint spy reviewSurePoint Spy software is not the most popular one you can find on the market. But it is definitely of the same high level as those spy apps you might have heard before mSpy, XNSpy, Ispyoo or Auto Forward. This SurePoint Spy review will tell you everything you should know about this great cell phone monitoring tool that became a perfect solution for lots of users all over the world. No matter what operating system you have on your cell phone. SurePoint deals perfectly with those popular operating systems such as Android and iOS. So, if you are a proud iPhone user, this article is for you too.

SurePoint Functions

SurePoint spy reviewLike any other mobile phone monitoring software, this app has its list of functions. This point is essential for any spying software and should be treated by you as a user very seriously. Of course, you can say all modern mobile phone monitoring applications are almost identical. But you are not right in case you think like that. This opinion just shows how little you know about spy software and the entire industry. So, yes, there are lots of identical features between various spy programs, but the functionality is not the same. Actually, there are few main points to distinguish one phone monitor from another. Let’s check them out:

  • Quality
  • Number of functions
  • Price
  • Monthly fees
  • Operating system compatibility
  • Packages

We can name a few more, but these are just enough to show you that while choosing a mobile phone monitor, you should be very attentive and focused. Fortunately, there are such reviews as this particular one, and you can trust us your tough decision. This software will be a perfect choice for those users who are looking for reliability, reasonable price with no monthly fees, compatibility with all popular operating systems, and, of course, great list of functions. Let’s learn more about the spy options available with SurePoint.

SurePoint spy review

Calls and Text Messages Monitoring:

Every person uses a cell phone as a device to connect with other people. The amount of information going through a regular cell device is enormous, and if you want to find out someone’s secrets, there is no better way than using tracking software. Calls and text messages are the main way people communicate with each other and monitoring those points gives you the perfect opportunity to catch your cheating spouse or identify an employee is selling some corporate info to competitors, for example.

Photo, Video, and Audio:

We all make thousands of photos and short videos every year. Just imagine of all those shoots which will never be displayed on people’s social network accounts! Do you want to know more about a person? You should get access to his or her personal media files. And it is a very simple task with the help of SurePoint software. You can easily view every video, audio, and photo file storage on a target phone.

Contacts Monitoring:

Each of us has lots of contacts storage on our phones. This feature will be especially interesting to those users who want to catch their cheating spouse. If you want to know who is hiding behind a strange number calling your wife in inappropriate time, just view it with the help of your spy tool.

Web Browser Tracking:

People spend lots of their time online. While reading a person’s web browser history, you are reading a book of his soul. Just imagine how many secrets there can be! What, do you think your kid deletes his browser history after watching some adult content? Well, do not worry. SurePoint is powerful software that can view even deleted files, messages, and browser history points. You will be surprised how many interesting a person’s web browser can hide.

GPS Location Monitor:

It is an extremely popular function. While it is available for almost every cell phone spying application, its performance quality may vary. Talking about SurePoint, we must say that there were few complaints about this exact feature. Some people think GPS tracker in this software updates the target phone status too long. But we must say it is a common issue for lots of other phone spies, even the most expensive ones. By the way, what is about the price?

The Price

If you are looking for something cheap or even free to install on a mobile phone and start spying on it, you are reading the wrong article. SurePoint is a paid monitoring application. But it is very reasonably-priced. You can purchase this great phone monitor for $69.99. And even cooler is the fact it is a one-time price. So you do not have to deal with those annoying monthly fees to update your application every time you want to use it. This app is the best thing if you need to spy just a few days or weeks.


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