The Best Android Apps to Record Phone Calls Secretly in 2020

Updated: August 8, 2020


We have found out few Android apps to record phone calls secretly that will perform on all versions without damaging your device. Before jumping into it, let’s take a look at some recent Android limitations that might change the way you need to install any recording apps on the device.

Android limitations

The recent update in the Android 10.0 version no longer supports any call recording app. Android doesn’t come to an in-built voice recorder. Hence, one has to use any third-party call recording app to get this thing done. But the recent Android 10.0 version has abolished this facility, to retain the privacy of the end-users.

But before anything else, let’s try to find out you can record a phone call without the other person knowing or how good those free call recorder apps were:

Free Android apps to record phone calls
Though there are plenty of them, only a handful was able to finish the job with perfection and accuracy. Most of the time, their end-users were bugged by the issues like faulty call recording, a new recording, and improper functioning with specific versions. What bugged people more than anything else is that some third-party phone recording apps used to show a call recording of saved contact as an unknown caller. This has created a lot of confusion. There is hardly a single soul who was able to do call recording secretly with a free version.
Record calls when rooting the device
Rooting is one of the notorious ways to toy around with the OS and install any app/software that you need/want. As Android 10’s OS doesn’t support call recording apps now on-wards, rooting can be the hope. By using an app like Magisk, you can root the targeted Android phone, change the original coding of the OS, and install any Android app to record phone calls secretly.  However, rooting can be proved ruinous if you’re not thorough in its nuts and bolts. A single step/move can brick the targeted Android devices, void the phone’s warranty, and damage its OS for once and all.

The Best Call Recorders for Android


If you wanted to listen to cell phone calls discreetly, then FlexiSPY, the best-hidden call recorder for Android is here to help you.

Loaded with ample of features, FlexiSPY is a hard-core remote phone monitoring app that can help you with ample of things. It offers you a selective call recording facility. As all of the call recordings are stored at the mobile portal, you can access the data from anywhere. And this is what impresses us the most.

Summary: On one hand, along with call recording, you can accomplish a whole bunch of tedious tasks like call interception, and spying on instant messages. The app’s technology is so advanced that it remains deployed at the targeted Android phone but doesn’t let anyone know about its presence. It’s all because of the stealth mode. On the other hand, it is a bit of pocket heavy. Also, you have to root the targeted Android device to let it work.


Google Voice

Google doesn’t need an introduction. Since its inception, it has gained the trust, reliability, and confidence of the end-user. No matter what services you avail, these are going to your takeaways for sure. This is why we decided to discuss Google Voice at first.

It is basically virtual telephony or VoIP app that will provide you an alternative phone number in case you want to make calls on a date, stay connected without the presence of your cellular network, and cut down international calling rates.

You can divert all the incoming calls of your primary phone number over Google Voice and record the calls.

Summary: Although there is no rooting involved and availing its services is pocket-friendly. But without the presence of an internet connection, it wouldn’t work.


Boldbeast Android Call Recorder

So, you’re looking for an automatic call recorder that delivers quality call recordings without any fuss. Well, your search ends at Boldbeast Android Call Recorder as it state-of-art Android call recorder that can do an automatic recording as well as manual call recording.

Its key technology is so advanced that it lets you share the clips instantly. Just tap, and you can send the clips via MMS, Email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, and Whatsapp.

Summary: With the app, you can protect the clips with passwords. Also, you can create a backup of the clips on Google Drive or Dropbox. However, some of your recordings can get auto-deleted if the file size exceeds the pre-defined number. Before it happens, you must delete the not-of-important files on your own.


Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is another option that you can opt for if you want to have a rooting-free Android call recording facility.

You can do selective call recording with its help. The free edition of it is available on Google Play Store. Every record will be stored in your inbox.

Summary: The app has a Google Drive integration that is ready to help you with Android versions 3.0 and above. However, in some handsets, the app doesn’t work as desired. So, it’s better to go for a free version, check your device compatibility, and then buy the paid version. You can get the worst quality recording as well. The endless ads also interrupt a lot.


Call Recorder

Call Recorder app is a China-based Android call recording app that offers you the easiest way to record and manage calls.

It can records the calls automatically while a call is connected.

Summary: Recordings can be recorded as mp3 files on your SD card. However, despite many bug fixes, it is still not able to do two-way call recording on some devices.


How do I record all outgoing and incoming calls secretly?

To record all outgoing and incoming calls secretly, you need to choose an app that works in the stealth mode. For instance, FlexiSpy. Here are the steps to get started with this call recorder:

Step 1: By the right kind of FlexiSpy subscription from FlexiSPY’s website.

Step 2: Using the link mentioned in the confirmation email, download and set-up the app on the targeted Android device. Once the downloading and set-up is finished, activate the app using the activation code mentioned in the email.

Step 3: Soon after the activation, FlexiSpy will start syncing the data of the targeted device and upload it over the server. Using your user details, login to your account, and visit the dashboard. Look for the ‘Call Recording’ option and click on it. The job is done.


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