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Top 3 Couple Tracker Apps for Android and iOS in 2021


If you have doubts that your partner might be spending time with another, there is an excellent way to clear your doubts and catch a cheater.

This short guide is going to briefly introduce you to the top 3 tracking apps couples can use to track their partner’s phone and find out the truth.

If you continuously end up sending a text message or calling your partner, but they don’t reply, there’s a good reason to get worried. Fortunately, choosing the right app will provide the much-needed truth and peace of mind.

Too long to read? Here’s a summary of our top 3 couple tracker apps:

πŸ₯‡ SpyBubble – our top tracking software for Android and iPhone. Invisible, fast, and reliable for all your spying needs. You can screen record the target phone, spy on social media, read SMS, view calls, and browsing history. No jailbreaking or rooting.

πŸ₯ˆ Spyzzz – second-best eavesdropping app. Affordable pricing. Free demo. Spy on social media. Track SIM location. Read text messages. Invisible. No jailbreaking or rooting.

πŸ₯‰ mSpy – a reliable spy app with a decent amount of features. Screen recorder. GPS location spying. Monitor 30+ social media channels. Track calls. Read SMS. Outstanding user interface. Invisible.

Try Our #1 Couple Tracker

How We Rated These Apps

To rate these apps and mention all their features, pros, and cons, we had to consider the most critical factors:

  • Customer rating – all the apps mentioned here received the highest ratings from satisfied customers.
  • Features – the reason why someone would use the best tracker app is because of the features it provides.
  • Pricing – pricing is also a determining factor when making up your mind to download an app.

So, let’s delve deeper into the details of each app.

mSpy – The Best Couple Tracker for Android and iPhone

mSpy is one of the best couple tracker applications; its fantastic options help you to serve your couple tracking needs. It allows you to monitor your partner’s phone activity remotely.

Once installed on the device, this best couple tracker app is invisible. This is a quite affordable app that will enable you to spy on your boyfriends’ or girlfriend’s device without touching it and find out about their whereabouts, or read their social media apps and text messages.

Key features:

  • Call logs – listen to their calls, view call logs, duration, timestamps, and contact info
  • Text messages – access all texts, even after your partner deleted them
  • GPS tracking – view location history and track your partner’s phone device current location
  • Web history –view your partner’s entire browser history, including their hidden mode activities
  • Online messengers – get access to chatting apps like Telegram, Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp, etc
  • Social media apps – see what he or she has been up to on Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, etc
  • Media files – get access to all media files stored on the device
  • Other data – find out details about emails, calendar activity, install apps, and more

Pros & Cons:

  • Easy installation
  • Affordable couple tracker app ($1 per day)
  • Background mode
  • Reliable options
  • The app is limited to one target device only
  • The inability to recover data, once the target device has been deleted

Download mSpy

Spyzie – Your Trusted Couple Tracker App

In its essence, Spyzie is mainly a parental control app, but it has all the things you need to keep track of your partner’s secret life. You can use it to discover all sorts of things, which we’ll mention below.

It lets you know everything that goes on your partner’s Android or any other device.

Key features:

  • View all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Check your partner’s web browser history and bookmarks
  • View deleted, received, or sent SMS, with contact info and timestamps
  • Current location tracking, past visited places, and routes
  • Check all social media apps and messengers for suspicious chats
  • Access to all media files stored on the target device
  • Keylogger allows you to retrace all the keystrokes from the target Android device

Pros & Cons:

  • Easy setup
  • Real-time updates
  • High compatibility
  • Some useful options missing (live call listening)

Download Spyzie

KidsGuard App – Best Couple Tracker For iPhone

With more than 30 monitoring options, the KidsGuard couple tracker app is all you need to get in control of your partner’s whereabouts and find out if they have been unfaithful.

download kidsguard 2

Key features:

  • Monitoring of all sent/received messages, including the deleted ones
  • View all call logs
  • Call recording of all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Use view browser history to check all online activity, including incognito mode
  • Discover all details regarding social media activities
  • Real-time tracking of your partner’s device
  • Access to location
  • Find all contacts, calendar, videos, and photos, stored in the target device
  • Keystroke recording
  • Automatic screenshots to capture screen activity

Pros & Cons:

  • 30+ monitoring
  • Stealth mode
  • Real-time data syncing
  • No jailbreak or rooting required
  • One-device monitoring
  • Expensive fees

Download KidsGuard

How to Install a Couple Tracker without the Other Person Knowing

To install a couple tracker app, you’ll need to ensure that the target device is connected to WiFi, plugged in, and locked.

iOS installation:

  1. Check if you can jailbreak the target device by going to Settings > General > About > Version
  2. Log in to Control Panel
  3. Choose iPhone
  4. Start the installation

Android installation:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Choose Android to get authorized physical access to the device
  3. Root your device if you want to monitor Gmail, Snapchat, Line, Skype, Facebook, Viber, and Whatsapp

What’s the Best Couple Spy App?

The best couple spy app is mSpy. This couple spy app is very convenient and easy-to-use, and your partner will never know that they’re being spied on. It lets you spy on your couple’s messages, track their location, and even listen to phone calls.

Are Couple Tracker Apps Legal?

If you’re wondering whether it’s legal to spy on someone’s phone, the answer is yes. These apps are completely legal. However, some states require your partner’s consent, so make sure to check your local rules and regulations.

How Do Couple Tracker Apps Work?

The primary purpose of couple tracker app is to give you the exact location of the target device by using a GPS tracking system.

Most of the apps we covered here allow you to track your partner’s device in real-time, gather data in stealth mode, and showcase results on your control panel.

Is There an App to Trace Phone Calls and Texts for Free?

No, there isn’t. No app offers all features for free. Some apps provide either demos or free trials, as well as goodwill refund policy, though.

If you found some totally free app, we need to warn you that dealing with such free couple tracker apps can be easily scamming you and stealing your personal information.


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