How to Catch a Partner Who Is Cheating on Snapchat?


Cheating is nothing new in the 21st century. However, the advent of popular social media apps like Snapchat has changed a lot. And habitual cheaters are finding it easier than ever to cheat.

In fact, according to a recent study, 23% of the cheaters prefer Snapchat. But if you’re still wondering “why Snapchat?”, then it’s high time you knew about Snapchat cheating.

What is Snapchat Cheating?

Snapchat cheating refers to using Snapchat app’s features to fuel someone’s infidelity. From sharing pictures to sending messages that vanish, Snapchat seems like the perfect haven for any cheater.

While you may argue that it’s difficult to cheat over an app, Snapchat cheating fuels emotional cheating. And it may not take long before your spouse goes physical.

Nevertheless, there are different ways of catching a Snapchat cheater. But it’s important to tell whether your partner is cheating on the app in the first place.

🤔 How to Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating on Snapchat 🤔

Before you start accusing your spouse of cheating, you should gather the cold hard facts first. And you can do this by simply monitoring his/her behaviour around you.

Below are a few popular signs that unfaithful partners display if they’re cheating on Snapchat.

❕ They’re Constantly on Snapchat ❕

Many people use Snapchat to communicate, but not as extensively as with other apps. As such, if your spouse is always online on Snapchat, there’s a high chance they may be cheating.

In addition, you should also be concerned if your spouse also does any of the following:

  • He/she smiles frequently when using the app
  • He/she uses Snapchat behind closed doors
  • He/she becomes distant

📵 They Hide Their Phones From You 📵

There are varied reasons why your partner can choose to hide his/her phone from you. However, this may also be a strong sign that your partner is being unfaithful.

This is especially true if he/she constantly hides their phone and still uses Snapchat behind closed doors. What’s more is that Snapchat may not be the only app they use.

They can use apps like WhatsApp and Messenger to continue cheating on you emotionally. And this can explain why they’re wary of you viewing their phone.

😥 They Hardly Snapchat You Back 😥

Failing to Snapchat you back can also indicate that your spouse’s interests are elsewhere. If they are constantly on Snapchat, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t message you back.

You can also tell if they’re Snapchat cheating by checking if your spouse isn’t your number one friend. Snapchat places a heart emoji on your most frequent contact. 

As such, if you don’t see the emoji after Snapchatting with them a lot, then he/she may be cheating.

❔ How to Catch a Partner Who Is Snapchat Cheating ❔

With all the suspicious activities taking place on your spouse’s smartphone, one sure way of catching him/her would be to spy on him/her.

But that’s never easy if your spouse uses Snapchat to cheat. And that’s because most of the pictures or messages get deleted automatically.

However, spy apps are your best bet if you want to catch them in the act. As such we’ll discuss how you can monitor their Snapchat activities on Android and iOS using mSpy. And, you can spy on instant messages as well – WhatsApp, Messenger, etc!

Catching a Snapchat Cheater on Android

To catch a Snapchat cheater using a spy app like mSpy, there are a few things to do first. Below are the five main processes we’ll be looking at in detail:

  • Step 1: Getting a Subscription
  • Step 2: Preparing the Device
  • Step 3: Downloading and Installing mSpy
  • Step 4: Finalizing mSpy’s Setup
  • Step 5: Monitoring Snapchats

Step 1: Getting a Subscription

You need a subscription plan before you begin using mSpy to catch a cheater on Snapchat. Here are the steps to help get you started on that:

  1. Go to mSpy’s website then create an account.
  2. After registration, select the OS of the target cell phone you’ll be monitoring.
  3. Choose one of the 3 subscription plans available i.e. Basic, Premium, or Family Kit plan.
  4. Finalize the purchase and mSpy will send you the instructions and order details.

Step 2: Preparing the Device

By default, Android OS comes with settings that prevent installation of spy apps. As such, this is what you’ll do for mSpy to work on the target device:

  1. Open the Play Store app from the app drawer list.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu then select Play Protect.
  3. On the Play Protect screen, click on the gear icon to reveal Play Protect settings.
  4. Ensure the options “Scan apps with Play Protect” and “Improve harmful app detection” are both disabled.

Step 3: Downloading and Installing mSpy

With the target Android device ready, you can now go ahead and download mSpy. This will require some of the details from Step 1.

  1. Open the Chrome app or a browser of your liking.
  2. Paste the link you received in your email on your browser’s address bar
  3. Complete mSpy’s captcha security then click on the Download button.
  4. Open the downloaded APK file then check on the “Allow from this source” box.
  5. Accept all permission requests from mSpy then click on the Install button.

Step 4: Finalizing mSpy’s Setup

mSpy has a few additional settings that can be configured depending on your needs. Once you open the app, follow these steps to complete installation:

  1. Check the “Accept license agreement”.
  2. Choose whether to enable mSpy’s Keylogging or Stealth mode.
  3. Enter the registration code you received on email on the mSpy app to authenticate your account.
  4. Tap on “Complete installation” to end the process.

Step 5: Monitoring Snapchats

The last stage involves monitoring your partners actual Snapchats. As such, this will involve logging in to your mSpy account. Here’s how to view the collected Snapchats:

  1. Use your mSpy credentials to login to your account.
  2. Once on mSpy’s dashboard, click on Snapchat on the left sidebar.
  3. Click on any conversation to view sent and received messages under it.

Catching a Snapchat Cheater on iOS

The process for catching a Snapchat cheater is a lot easier on iOS than Android. This is mainly because you only need to know the target iPhone’s iCloud credentials.

However, we equally organized the process into three steps:

  • Step 1: Getting a Subscription Plan
  • Step 2: Enter the iCloud Credentials
  • Step 3: Monitor the Target’s Snapchats

Step 1: Getting a Subscription Plan

To use mSpy on iOS, you also need a subscription plan. But luckily, mSpy has a standard pricing that is based on the plan rather than OS. To get started, here’s what to do:

  1. Visit mSpy’s website and create a free account.
  2. When prompted, choose iOS as the OS of the target.
  3. Select any of the 3 subscription plans mSpy offers i.e. Basic, Premium, or Family Kit Plan.
  4. Finalize the purchase by making a payment so that mSpy sends you instructions for installation.

Step 2: Enter the iCloud Credentials

For you to use mSpy’s Snapchat tracking feature without jailbreaking, you’ll need the target phone’s iCloud credentials. As such, this is how to proceed:

  1. Ensure the target iPhone has these settings below:
  • Two-factor authentication – Disabled
  • iCloud backup – Enabled
  1. Enter the target phone’s Apple ID and password when prompted on mSpy’s setup wizard.
  2. Click on Verify to check if the credentials are valid. If correct, mSpy will begin logging all Snapchat messages

Step 3: Monitor the Target’s Snapchats

The last and easiest step is to monitor all logged Snapchat messages from the main dashboard. However, you need to login to view the Snapchat conversations on the target iPhone.

  1. Use the credentials obtained in Step 1 to login to your account.
  2. Click on Snapchat on the left sidebar of the dashboard.
  3. Select any conversation to view Snapchat messages or media sent under it.

✋ How to Stop Your Spouse From Cheating on Snapchat ✋

There’s only so much that spy apps can do. And the primary purpose of a spy app like mSpy is simply to reveal the truth. But how you proceed from there matters.

Once you have your truth, there are different ways to go about putting an end to the cheating. A few of them include:

  • Confronting your spouse about cheating on Snapchat
  • Discussing about the future of your relationship
  • Monitoring your spouse for repeat cheating acts

😡 Confrontation 😡

It’s not okay to sweep things under the rug after you’ve discovered your spouse is cheating. This is because you may suffer from the emotional trauma or lack of closure.

Therefore, it is important to have an open discussion with your spouse about their behaviour. In addition, you should also talk about how the behaviour is affecting you.

Regardless, you still need to ensure that the confrontation is civil by:

  • Not yelling at your spouse
  • Maintaining calmness during the process
  • Being honest about your feelings and next steps

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Talk About Relationship and Its Future 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

One other way of stopping your spouse from cheating on Snapchat is by discussing the future of your relationship. 

Talking about your unhappiness and insecurities is the first step in putting an end to your spouse’s behaviour. Doing this will show him/her how you’re being affected.

In turn, this may help them reassess what they want from the relationship. If they do realize the severity of their actions, then they’re likely to stop.

🔎 Monitor Them For Repeat Actions 🔎

Despite pardoning a cheating spouse, there’s no guarantee they’ll stick to their word. As such, you should be open to monitoring your spouse for any repeat mistakes.

If they do change, then both of you can put behind the Snapchat cheating and move on with the relationship.

However, if they’re still cheating on Snapchat or other apps, then the only viable option may be to leave. You’ll simply have to accept that you cannot change them.

Can You Spy on a Cheater’s Snapchat?

Yes, and there are many spy apps available to help you do that. In addition, they can also let you monitor activity in other social media apps such as Messenger.

However, it is best to confirm that your spy app of choice has this feature. Be sure to check whether rooting or jailbreaking is a requirement.

Which Is the Best Snapchat Cheating App?

Many spy apps can monitor Snapchat just fine. But mSpy remains one of the best Snapchat spy apps we’ve come across so far.

What’s more is that you’ll have more than one way of spying on someone’s Snapchat. From taking screenshots to recording all keystrokes, mSpy lives up to its name as a great spy app for Snapchat.

Will My Spouse Know That I’m Spying on Their Snapchat?

In many cases, spy apps run in the background on the target phone. This means that it will be difficult for your spouse to detect if you’re using a spy app.

Additionally, the apps will not be visible on the app drawer too. Therefore there’s a low chance that your spouse will stumble on the spy app and raise his/her guard.

Should I Root or Jailbreak My Phone to Monitor Someone’s Snapchat?

No, this is not a requirement. However, it will all depend on the spy app you choose. Some spy apps only let you monitor Snapchat activities on rooted/jailbroken phones.

On the other hand, others use workarounds such as taking screenshots to achieve the same purpose.

Final Take

While it’s not physical, Snapchat cheating is still a form of emotional cheating. And the worst part is that it can easily transition to physical cheating too.

However, how you handle the whole situation matters. That’s why it’s much safer to use Snapchat spy apps like mSpy before confronting your spouse about your relationship.


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