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Review of TheOneSpy Phone Monitoring App


theonespyThe popularity of monitoring programs is increasing day by day. There are so many programs available on the Internet that it is difficult to find trustworthy software that will cover your needs. Inexperienced users might become victims of programs that contain viruses or simply present the limited set of spying features.

The best monitoring programs, such as TheOneSpy app usually have a set of features that give access to all data stored on computer or phone and save the history of all performed activities.

Considering a huge number of spying programs to monitor computers and phones, the following review highlights features and benefits of TheOneSpy app.

Reasons for TheOneSpy popularity

TheOneSpy-phoneTheOneSpy is one of the most popular programs to monitor cell phones activities on the market today. It is important to note that the application is a leader among spying apps for phones because it is compatible with the most popular OS. TheOneSpy is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

One of the main benefits of TheOneSpy is that it is a user-friendly app. The program is simple to use even though it has numerous features. However, if you are looking for a program to monitor the activity of private computer or laptop, you should consider other monitoring programs that specialize in computer monitoring.

Main features of TheOneSpy


  • Calls control. Just like all good monitoring programs, TheOneSPy has the feature that provides you with the possibility to monitor calls of the target You can listen to live conversations or record them and listen afterward. It is worth noting that some spying programs have the function that allows listening live calls. This is where TheOneSpy wins.
  • Bugging the phone. The application has a nice feature that practically bugs target phone using camera and microphone. In other words, you can record background sounds or make photos with the help of the mobile device camera remotely. This function will give you the idea of where the user of the phone is and what is doing.
  • Keylogger. Keylogger is also a feature that should be in all good spying programs. The following feature saves all keystrokes of the mobile device. In other words, you can get information on all words typed in. It gives the opportunity to check what the user has been looking on the Internet. A separate SMS keylogger feature enables you to monitor messages that have been sent and received, including their content.
  • Internet access. TheOneSpy keeps track of all internet search history and saves data.
  • Password protection. Some users are confident that a good password can protect their phone from others, but this is a misleading thought, especially if we are talking about TheOneSpy It can easily pass over any password and get access.

Media and GPS tracking

  • Monitoring social media activity. It is not a secret that today most young people use their phones instead of computers and laptops to chat online. It raises necessity to monitor instant messengers and social media websites too. With TheOneSpy app it is not a problem. The app provides you with access to all messengers, including Viber, Whatsapp and even Facebook, which considered to be the most secured. The software saves all conversations, including video chats, monitors all chats and calls, tracks all sent and received media, etc.
  • Multimedia control. Multimedia that includes photo, video and even recordings, has always been a subject of particular interest as it tells a lot about the user. TheOneSpy provides the possibility to monitor this area too. You can view photos, watch videos and listen to recordings remotely without letting the owner know about that.
  • Making screen shots. TheOneSpy can make screenshots to show you information from the display the screen on the phone. In certain cases, it might be solid evidence.
  • Monitoring e-mails. If this is another area of your interest, congratulations as TheOneSpy also monitors the flow of sent and received e-mails. With TheOneSpy you will get access to detailed information that includes time and date, address, subject and content. When the user of the phone sends or receives a new e-mail, you get the special notification.
  • GPS tracker. All cell phones have incorporated GPS, which can be used to locate a target phone. TheOneSpy is able to define a current location of the target phone. In addition, you can mark safe and restricted zones for each mobile device. This feature helps to monitor movements of the phone user within and out of safe zones. Each time the user leaves safe zone, you will be informed with alert notification.

Products of TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy-appsAs it has been mentioned before, TheOneSpy can be used on Blackberry, iPhone and Android. The main features of the app remain the same for all of the mobile devices, but there might be some slight differences, for example, possibility to view bookmarks.

How it works

TheOneSpy is a reliable app. That is why you cannot download it for free on the Internet. Remember that free programs always have some risk as they might contain viruses.

  • Purchase TheOneSpy on the official website of the application. Choose the best price plan that meets your requirements and makes a payment.
  • Once you make the payment, you can download and install TheOneSpy to monitor the target phone.

TheOneSpy is just one of the best spying programs to monitor phones. It has offers products and features that can satisfy even the most demanding client. You have nothing to lose. Install the app and enjoy its multiple features and products today.

TheOneSpy Pricing:

In terms of pricing, you can expect the following:


  • Monthly – $25 / month
  • Quarterly – $15 / month
  • Yearly – $6.25 / month


  • 1-Month License – $35
  • 3-Month License – $55
  • 6-Months License – $99



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