Review of Bosspy Cell Phone Surveillance App

Updated: March 5, 2020


bosspy review

DISCLAIMER: As of June 2019, we DO NOT recommend this cell phone tracker after receiving multiple complaints from users. We will update this post as soon as we receive any further information.

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As you know, technological progress has greatly changed the world. All processes are accelerated and become more comfortable. Nobody doubts that it is great to live in the era of digital technologies. New applications, digital solutions appear every day. They develop so dramatically that sometimes we simply can’t keep up with it. The technical development brings many new opportunities and helps us in our professional and personal everyday lives. But we can’t hide the shortcomings of this process. New threats appear along with new opportunities. And our task is to adapt and protect ourselves, our children, families, relationships and even business. And effective spy applications such as Bosspy can help us to do it.

In fact, our children use their cell phones and other electronic devices every single day. And we don’t know exactly what are they doing online. Who are they chatting with?  What content do they view and share on their accounts on Facebook? We can also worry about the honesty of our significant others. Finally, we want to protect our businesses from the leakage of important information and from misuse of company resources. And believe in all these situations, a good spy application can solve the problem with one click.

What Is Bosspy Itself?

Bosspy is an effective and well-known cell phone monitoring application. It was designed for the tracking calls, text messages as well as GPS location and web browser history. This app was developed by the team of developers whose aim was to provide free and reliable monitoring features. And you can be sure that the set of the provided features is complex and this app is able to meet all your monitoring needs.

Bosspy is free, so you can find and download the installation file from the official website of the service. At the same time, if you want, you can support the project by making a voluntary donation.

Monitoring Functions of Bosspy

bosspy reviewAs it was noticed before, Bosspy is reliable and effective spy app. It can ensure the sophisticated monitoring, providing the complex set of spying functions:

  • Spying on all text messages – the user of Bosspy will able to read copies of all sent and received SMS messages. It means that all messages that are generated using the target device will be captured and uploaded to your personal account and you will not miss even deleted messages;
  • Monitoring calls – you can view all call logs of incoming and outgoing calls. You will have an ability to view: contact names, numbers of calls, dates when the calls were received or made and the duration of every call;
  • Tracking GPS location – thanks to the app you will be able to check the current GPS location of the user of the target device. The app will save all locations and upload them to your account so you can see the history of GPS location at any time you want. It’s a great feature for parents who worry where their children are;
  • Monitoring web browser history – you can view the history of all visited websites. If you use it as a tool for parental control, you can see if your kid has access to inappropriate web content;
  • Monitoring WhatsApp, iMessage and other social messengers – use Bosspy and you will be able to view all messages, conversations, chats that are carried out using social messengers.

Why Should You Choose Bosspy?

  • Always available customer support. The customer support team of Bosspy is very dedicated. You can call them when you have any problems with the installation of the app or its working. You can use the phone and the official website of the service;
  • It is free. The app is free of charge, and it is great for those people who can’t pay for the app or who don’t know if they need it and just want to try a demo version.
  • The app provides a great number of useful monitoring options which altogether makes it possible to monitor all activities of the owner of the target device.

 Legitimacy of Bosspy

bosspy reviewIf you are going to monitor someone’s cell phone or tablet, you should not forget about the right to privacy. It is known that the violation of the right to privacy is strictly forbidden. But if you are going to monitor your minor children (kids who are younger than 18 years old), in this case, their phones can be tracked by their parents. And it is within the law. This means that if you are a parent of the minor child or a legal guardian, then you have the legal right to track online and cell phone activities of the child. If you are going to monitor phone of your employees, they should be warned about that.

There is another question. We are talking about awareness of the children of the fact that his or her phone is being monitored. There are no restrictions, in this case, that is why it is your right to decide will you tell it your child or not.

Compatibility Of Bosspy Phone Monitoring App

Bosspy is a spy application which is compatible with many versions of Android and iOS operating systems. It can spy on iPads and the iPod as well. You should make sure that the iOS device is jailbroken. It will ensure the proper work of all monitoring features. This application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, which is working on iOS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x and Android 2.x, 4.x.


If you are looking for the tool for parental control or if you think that your employees may disclose confidential information about your company, Bosspy is definitely what you need. It is the reliable spy app which provides the most important monitoring features. With the help of this app, you will be able to track all phone calls, SMS messages, chats on social messengers, web browser history, GPS location. Besides, it is completely free.


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