Isabel Clark

Isabel Clark

With seven years of experience in the IT sector, a master’s degree, and two teenagers to worry about, Isabel developed a deep understanding of internet technologies and cybersecurity. Since the online world is continuously subjected to digital transformation, she felt compelled to let the world know what they can expect each time they go online. Since the younger generations are raised online, kids need to know how to protect themselves from online bullying and similar threats. As both an IT expert and a caring mother, Isabel covers the most critical topics amusingly, helping even the readers with no knowledge in technology or science, understand the nerdiest of details.

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spy on iPhone without access to phone

Spy on iPhone Without Access to Target Phone


Are you always worried about your loved one’s activities, or do you want to monitor your employees while at work? In such situations, you can spy on their mobile phones. Yes, you can spy on iPhone without access to the phone! But be careful. This spying must be anonymous. Otherwise, it might strain your relationship […]

Best keylogger for Windows

10 Best Keyloggers for Windows in 2022


Before revealing what’s the best keylogger for Windows, you have to understand what exactly is a keylogger.  Simply put: A keylogger is a special piece of software that records keystrokes as you type on the keyboard, whether that’s on a computer or phone.  As you might have already heard, a lot of these tools were […]

GEOFinder Review: Track Someone’s Location Using Their Phone Number


Do you want to track anyone discreetly? Maybe you’re worried that your kids could be lying about their location or interacting with the wrong people. In that case, GEOFinder might help you find the truth. This location tracker is also a mobile phone tracker that promises to help you know anybody’s location as long as […]