3 Ways to Track Someone’s Location via Text


The need and ability to track location by SMS have become widespread. If you are a parent, being able to track the location of children using their devices is an absolute necessity. Employers are also able to find and confirm if employees are in their designated areas of work.

For spouses, if you are simply concerned or suspect them of cheating, a text message location tracker might be the tool for you. We have prepared this piece for individuals looking into how to track someone’s location via text messages.

Can Someone Track My Phone by Texting Me?

Yes. Your cell phone location can be tracked in real-time through text message GPS location tracking. All Android and iOS devices need a cellular connection to make and receive calls, access the internet as well as receive text messages.

In order for a target Android or iOS device to access the network, it must be close to a cellular tower to receive signals. Often, there is more than a single cellular tower in a particular location the cell phone could connect to.

The easiest way to track someone’s location via text message is to use a brand-new tool called Localize.mobi. Just enter the phone number to send the text and track anyone’s location.

Through triangulation, Android devices as well as those from the iOS camp can be tracked. Someone’s location can be estimated based on which cell tower their device used to access the sent text message. With the correct tools, all family members or friends need to find you is a phone number.

However, triangulation is not openly available, or accurate enough. This is why we recommend a text message location tracker. These apps are often used to locate children, old parents, or to find the whereabouts of anyone with a contact number. In this article, we will show you:

  • How to Determine a Person’s Current Spot via a Simple Message
  • Track Someone’s Cell Phone Location Via Text Message
  • How to Find Current Text Message Location on Android using Spybubble Pro
  • How to Track Location via SMS for Free.

Track Someone’s Cell Phone Location Via Text Message

If you need to track someone’s cell phone location, there’s an easy way to do it – with Localize.mobi. This service allows you to send a text message to any mobile phone number and receive back an instant response with that person’s current location.

This can be incredibly useful in a variety of situations. For example, if you’re trying to see if your loved one is lying about their location, you can use Localize.mobi to find out exactly where they are and how long it will take them to get to you.

Localize.mobi is also great for tracking down lost or stolen phones. If you suspect your phone has been taken, simply send a text message to its number, and you’ll be able to see its last known location on a map. This can be hugely helpful in recovering a missing device.

Best of all, you can use Localize for under $1! So if you need to track someone’s cell phone location, there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

How to Determine a Person’s Current Spot via a Simple Message?

Today, almost every child and adult has a mobile phone, which means that you can start instant tracking of their activity and location. A service like LocationTracker.mobi does all the heavy work for you: just send a picture processed through the service to a mischievous child or lost parent, and after the addressee clicks on it, you will see their exact location and follow their every step.

It doesn’t matter how the holder of the target device receives the message – it can be an SMS, a direct message on Instagram, a chat on Telegram, etc. Modern users click on links faster than lightning. The advantage that you get is that you do not need to install software on the target device or even hold it in your hands.

This solution does not affect the performance of the gadget in any way, and at the same time provides the location of a close one on demand so that you know that everything is fine with them.
This monitoring tool shows coordinates on Google Maps, allowing you to see the surroundings in detail and navigate them better.

If you need to determine the location quickly and without unnecessary explanations, LocationTracker.mobi does an excellent job and additionally provides other useful information regarding the device of interest.

How to Find Location of Text Message on iPhone for Free

SMS ping location

The ‘Find My’ app by Apple is a combination of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends in one neat package. This feature was designed to help track the location of a friend or family. All they have to do is share their location with you. A notification on your cell phone will appear.

You can also track a family member’s location if they share it using text messages. iPhone users can simply share their current location with another person using the messages app. Here is how you can find the location of a text message on iPhone:

  1. Open the Messages app on their iPhone
  2. Select a message
  3. Select your contact at the top of the conversation
  4. Choose the information icon and Select Send My Current Location.

While this is all and good, it doesn’t do much if the individual cannot or doesn’t want to share their location. In an emergency situation, say someone is lost, you need to be able to track their device without them sharing their whereabouts.

When mutual sharing of location is not a dependable solution, especially with a child, third-party software like Localize.mobi s your best option.

How to Find Current Location Text Message on Android

How to trace a text message location

Spybubble Pro is a silent SMS location tracking solution, especially for persons that suspect their spouse of cheating. Spybubble Pro updates information from the target device every 5 minutes. Information received not only includes GPS and SMS data, but also every other digital footprint they leave. And, you can use it to track a phone without the target knowing.

These get immediately transmitted to your user account, which can be accessed via a web portal. This means someone searching for a current location text message Android can use Spybubble Pro and locate their spouse’s phone.

SpyBubble is also compatible with all Android OS 4+. If you are not sure if your device is covered, Just enter the model number in the search field on their website and tap “Check.”

Apart from the extensive computability with Android devices, Spybubble Pro offers great customer support for those who want to know what their spouses are up to.

Check out this page to find other suitable phone tracking options.

How to Track Location via SMS for Free?

How to tell where someone is texting from

If you want to get mobile location by sending SMS, Location SMS is the app you are looking for. Location SMS is designed to locate a missing person using an SMS ping location. When the user sends a silent text message, the phone checks if it contains ‘Where are you?’. If the check is positive, then the app will check the text for an authorization code or if the sender is authorized.

If everything is in order, Location SMS will record the current GPS coordinate and reply to the sender with a google maps URL. The sent link will pinpoint the phone’s current location.

Parents, employers, or spouses can also set Geofences and actively monitor them. It scans the current GPS location in the background for entry or exit of any of the set Geofences. When you enter or exit a Geofence, a text can be sent to contacts of your choice.

However, users have reported very inconsistent performance and unreliability. This means the solution cannot be deployed in safety-critical applications for iPhone users.

Can Text Messages Be Traced to a Location?

Yes. Using apps like Location SMS, a person authorized to send the ‘Where are you?’ command can get your location via notification. This command is always monitored by the device Location SMS is present on. If they want to find the address you are in, they simply click the URL in the reply notification.

This technique is only available for authorized contacts only. The phone won’t answer to an unrecognized person. In an emergency situation, say a lost kid, this may not be appropriate. If no recognized device is around, then they can’t be located.

This is why we recommend SMS and GPS tracking solutions such as Locationtracker. This app sends a message with a linked image, and as soon as the user opens it, you will be able to trace their text message to get a precise location.

Is Silent SMS Location Tracking Possible?

If you want to know if your phone is tapped and whether someone can get your location via text, the answer is not that simple. If the text message does not contain GPS coordinates, it is impossible to track your current location. Also, if all you are wondering is how to tell where someone is texting from, look at the area code on the contact number. 

This is the only location of text message sender available. However, if you authorize them in the Location SMS app on Android, they can get location from text messages if they send the ‘Where are you?’ silent command.

What’s the Best Way to Track a Text Message Location on a Cell Phone?

If you want to know how to trace a text message location, we recommend Localize.mobi. While your child, employee, or spouse may find dark corners of their store where you won’t look, Localize will find it. To get location from a text message with this app and look for GPS coordinates sent from the target device, just copy the phone number and type into the search box on the website. The whole process lasts less than 5 minutes.


This article answers the question can text messages be traced to a location and demonstrates how to get mobile location by sending SMS. While triangulating is the traditional and widely used method, it merely provides an approximate location. This can be difficult or impossible to trace or act on.

However, readily available spy apps like Localize and Locationtracker can do the same without much fuss. Once installed on the target device, location can be tracked conveniently from the web portal. The installation process is simple and the app icon remains hidden.

If free apps are your weapon of choice, Location SMS does a pretty good job on Android. It, however, is not effective on iOS because of its strict privacy and security protocols.


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