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🛰️ How to Put a GPS Tracker on a Cell Phone 🛰️


GPS, also known as Global Positioning System, is a tool that enables users to track their location. It can pinpoint the location of a stolen or missing device. Most modern cell phones have a built-in GPS system. So, to track it, all you would need is a suitable application. Such apps should record the mobile phone’s location at regular intervals and send the data back to you.

Below, you will find a detailed guide on how to install a GPS phone tracker on the victim’s device with ease. We will discuss built-in apps, as well as other third-party options. Let’s start.

How to GPS on Someone’s Phone for Android

If you’re wondering how to put GPS on someone’s device, the process is very easy. First, you need to download the Device Manager from the play store, which is free. Once the application has been downloaded, follow the steps below to put GPS on your target’s phone:

  1. Open Google Play Store
device manager instructions
  • Type in Google Find My Device
device manager instructions 2
  • Locate the app and install it
device manager instructions 3
  • Once done, open the Google Find My Device app and choose a suitable Google account to sign in
device manager instructions 4
  • Choose whether you’d like to permanently enable the device’s location or only when the app is being used
device manager instructions 5
  • Your phone and model will be displayed next to a map.
device manager instructions 6
  • Choose what you’d like to do with the device.

When you hack a phone, you will be given the last five locations recorded by the GPS and the actions you would like to do.

How to Put a GPS Tracker on an iPhone

If you’d like a free GPS tracking solution, then you should consider installing the Find My iPhone app. This is an official Apple application that is used to track and control stolen or lost devices. All you need to do is to download and install the app, set it up, and turn it on. In case your phone got stolen or lost, here’s how to track and recover it:

  1. Sign into iCloud.com/find via a web browser, or use the Find My iPhone app on another Apple device.
  2. Open the app and locate the Find iPhone option.
  3. Select your device and view its location on the map.

You can also press the Sound feature if you’re near the location. The phone will sound off, and you will be able to locate it.

If you were unable to locate it immediately, mark it as lost. This will lock the device and display a custom message on the lost device’s display. Report your stolen device to the police.

You can also opt to erase all phone data and suspend connected credit cards remotely. All in all, this is an excellent option for users who aren’t looking for any advanced features.

What’s the Most Accurate GPS Tracker for iOS and Android?

Although there are many GPS tracking apps available on the market, some are better than others. When it comes to Android devices, the most reliable option, in our opinion, is mSpy.

mSpy is the best phone finder app on the market. It uploads the device’s GPS positions in regular periodic intervals on a Google Map. It also enables parents to view all past device locations with timestamps, as well as the paths they took.

mspy android app gps tracker

Here are some benefits of using mSpy:

  • Quick setup and installation process
  • Real-time location updates
  • Affordable ($1 per day)
  • Additional features – social media monitoring, call log monitoring, browsing history monitoring, contact lists, text messages, etc.

Bear in mind, though, that this app  does require one-time physical access to the Android device . The installation process is pretty straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Purchase a subscription plan and enter payment details

Step 2: You will receive a welcome email with further instructions

Step 3: Obtain access to the target device

Step 4: Install the app on the target device

Step 5: Log into your control panel and start monitoring


Can I trace a phone if mobile data is turned off on that particular device?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.  You cannot track iPhones or Androids if their mobile phone data is turned off.  When the data is off, the phone will stop communication with nearby towers.

Hence, it won’t be able to emit any signals which are used for tracking. The only thing you could do is try to figure out the location based on the device’s location history (before the data was turned off) or try to locate it with the IMEI tracker.

Otherwise, the phone needs to be connected to your Google or Apple account, as well as the internet.

Can I track a cell phone that is turned off?

If your phone got lost or stolen when it’s been turned off, you would have more difficulties trying to locate it.

However, a large number of Android devices that had been released after 2014 have a pre-installed tracking app called Android Device Manager. If your device suits this description, then you might be able to use this app to locate your mobile phone.

But, your location has to be turned on for it to work. If that doesn’t work, then the only remaining option is to use software like mSpy. However, you would have also had to previously install the app to be able to track its location.

If neither of these tips is applicable, then it will be nearly impossible to locate it without contacting the authorities.


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Some people have been eavesdropping my phone for many months. How do I know all the numbers involved

Johnson kuya

How do I get the exact location of a lost phone using it’s imei numbers

Anjelica Rivera

We have an article written about how an IMEI Tracker works. Check it out.


Please tell me how to track another person mobile location please

Anjelica Rivera

Install mSpy or Highster Mobile on their phone and enjoy.