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The new age of spying software has come. Old-fashioned keyloggers are no more valuable these days. Such programs as mSpy, Cocospy app, Bark are the newest words on the market. And today we are going to tell you about one more great software – SpyEra.

With its features, any user will experience a real level of quality and performance. This software has great control indexes and will let you know how the real monitoring software looks like. No matter what the reason is for you to start using a monitoring app, SpyEra will deal with any tasks you will assign it with. It is a reliable tool for family, personal, and business use. Read further to learn all the necessary details.

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SpyEra Working Process


Like any other spying software, SpyEra working principles are simple and clear. It is based on keylogger principle evolved into something great and absolutely fantastic. Just install the software on the target phone (iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Symbian or an Android device) and learn its powerful monitoring capabilities. The installation process is very simple and will take you just about four minutes. Also, you should create your personal account on the official website for further remote control via the special panel.

SpyEra Features


SpyEra is simple monitoring software that has a great potential for business or personal purposes. The main set of features is very common for many other monitoring applications. But there are few points that make SpyEra to stand out among others. Let’s check out them all:

  • Controlling multimedia files – modern phone users store hundreds of photos, videos, and audio files on their devices. And with the help of the software you are able to view, listen, and even copy them.
  • GPS Location tracking – like any other reputable and top-class spying software, SpyEra provides you with the latest monitoring feature that allows you to control a target phone user’s location at every point on the globe. Absolutely helpful feature for parents who try to save their kids from kidnapping.
  • Address book viewing – sometimes you need to have access to the entire address book of the target phone. SpyEra gives you that opportunity.
  • Web browser history monitoring – any activity that was made on the target phone is accurately tracked by the software. SpyEra will show you all the websites you visit.
  • Device flexibility – it is easy to use SpyEra on various devices. Moreover, due to its flexibility and compatibility with various operating systems, you can easily install the software on few devices at the same time.
  • Application use monitoring – while it is important to control text messages and calls, applications also play a great role. With SpyEra, you can monitor the activity of any app on the target phone including default ones.
  • Monitoring battery levels – it may seem useless, but sometimes this option can be really helpful, and the software provides you with it.

Call Spying and Recording Features

  • Live listening – this is one of those unique features that make SpyEra something more than typical spying software. With this feature activated you can turn your device into a live streaming bug. It gives you an opportunity to listen to calls and surroundings. When the target phone receives a phone call, you receive a special SMS notification. Then you can start listening to every incoming or outgoing call on the target device.
  • Ambient listening – another unique point in SpyEra arsenal. This feature allows you to listen to everything that is happening around the target phone or tablet. To enable listening or recording of surroundings, you should make a fake call on the target phone and turn on the microphone. Sounds fantastic, right? Well, this is SpyEra reality available for everyone.
  • Live recording – there is a feature connected to live to stream of calls and surroundings. Besides listening to these points, you can also record calls and surroundings to use them later.
  • Viewing call history – You can view the entire call history of the target device and obtain every respective contact number, name, call duration and call time.
  • Remote updates and uninstallation – these points are extremely important, especially if you decide to use SpyEra for a long period of time. While it is important to install the software confidentially, it should be updated and removed the same way.

Text Message Tracking Features

  • Tracking chat applications – SpyEra is the software which provides you with access to all modern and extremely popular chatting applications such as iMessage, WeChat, Viber, BBM, Skype, Line, Pin, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • SMS messages tracking – besides chats, old school SMS and MMS messages are also available for tracking.
  • Emails monitoring – when chats and SMS are not enough, you can always count on emails tracking feature. Every letter being sent or received by a target phone is available for you to view.

SpyEra Price


Some say that SpyEra is too expensive while there are lots of more affordable solutions on the market. It is not actually true we must say. Yes, the price of SpyEra may seem too high comparable to its competitors. But with this software, you get a whole package of reliable and innovative features. Besides that, you can use this application for various devices at the same time. So here is the price list of the software:

All in one plan:

One year license – $489

Two-year license – $689

Spyera Smart Phone:

Three months license – $189

Six months license – $289

Twelve months license – $389

Spyera Tablet:

Three months license – $149

Six months license – $189

Twelve months license – $249

Spyera PC:

Three months license – $49

Six months license – $59

Twelve months license – $69


Like any other software, it is highly recommended to download SpyEra from its official website. It is the best way to get full and official product. No matter what is the reason to use such software, you will be satisfied with all of its features for sure.


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