TeenSafe Review – A Parental Control App That’s Worth Your Attention

Because of a massive data leakage, TeenSafe stopped providing its services. If you’re searching for reputable parental control software, please refer to mSpy as one of the best alternatives.

Have you ever wanted to read someone’s text message without asking permission? You’re not alone! To monitor someone’s messages, internet activity, and calls, users need one simple, user-friendly, invisible application.

TeenSafe is an innovative parental mobile application. It allows users to monitor entire activity on the target device with the modern operating system and internet access.

So, mostly TeenSafe is used by parents who want to track their kid’s phones & tablets.

Background information

Such spying applications are not new. They are different from programs that people used a few years ago; the main difference is usage. Phone monitors are popular among parents who want to monitor their kid’s preferred devices to watch every single move digitally or in the real world. So, how is it possible? TeenSafe parent’s tool shows activity happening on the target mobile phone.

If you worry about your kid’s location, use the software’s GPS tracking option to define their exact location in real-time. Users easily install such applications on employee’s smartphones. Example: you suspect someone to steal your corporate information and leak it to some third party – confirm or dispel your suspicions with the help of TeenSafe spying app.

How does TeenSafe work?

Modern typical monitoring applications are full of various features that make parents’ life more comfortable — looking for a simple as well as easy-to-use solution to protect your kid online? TeenSafe would be a perfect choice! It can be used as a monitoring program & GPS location tracker.

When parents worry about their kids’ absence after school, they may quickly find their location by checking the destination via a personal account on the official website. Also, it is possible to determine how long your kid was online. Discover websites he/she visited and what content was uploaded or downloaded. Then, install parental monitoring & spying software on the target gadget and make it invisible if needed.

How to install TeenSafe?

  • Download program
  • Process installation
  • Track necessary information
  • Send/receive log details

The program is perfectly developed. Firstly, it offers a wide range of features discovered after the installation process. To learn more about given spying software, the user should contact the round-the-clock online customer support team. These specialists are available 24/7. Customer support reps answer related questions to provide app users with proper instructions.

What can it do?

Also, mobile spying applications have their capabilities along with unique features. Most of them are common, but TeenSafe has some unique options:

  • Contacts

It provides the ability to view contacts saved on the target mobile device of your kid.

  • WhatsApp

This text messenger is one of the most popular; not all monitoring programs can deal with it. TeenSafe is one of the fastest evolving apps on the market, so WhatsApp messages are available for your view.

  • Kik Messenger

Another widely-used messenger that can be logged by TeenSafe. Outgoing/incoming messages are available.

So, to start using the recommended parental control tool, download it, and install it on the target mobile phone. It is invisible to the chosen user! Hence, you can be calm; the kid will not notice he/she is under the parent’s smooth control. Also, a typical app installation should be accompanied by the creation of a user’s account on the official website. From the Control Panel, you remotely monitor a child’s activity as well as location.

  • Browser history

This feature is one of the most popular among parents. TeenSafe gives you a unique opportunity to track your kid’s online activity: websites he or she was visiting are available. So you can view kids’ downloaded & uploaded content.

  • Text messages

A classic spying app feature useful no matter what type of text messages your child uses most: SMS, MMS, chats, e-mails. These points can be monitored by TeenSafe without any problems.

  • Calls

This feature became massively popular with the evolution of parental & cell phone tracking apps. Any calls received with a target gadget plus outgoing ones will be carefully logged by TeenSafe. Also, they will be sent to a personal user account. See the necessary information about the number, date, duration, etc.

  • GPS location

The feature calms down parents when waiting for their kids from school or prom. Besides, it can save a child’s life! Since with TeenSafe on board, your kid’s phone turns into a constant, reliable bug that identifies GPS location accurately in real-time.

  • Multimedia

Your kid likes shooting selfies and everything around him? Discussed parental control app option allows managing every single shot video and child’s photo. Audio monitoring is available.

  • Applications

Except for web browser, camera, and messenger, other applications on your kid’s phone exist. TeenSafe can monitor them easily (e.g., calendar, notes, audio & video players, etc.)


The advanced parental monitoring & spying applications market is full of various spying programs of different quality and usability. TeenSafe is something more than a usual target mobile device monitoring tool.

It is a high-quality tool perfectly fitting any parents’ requests and ready to make parents more confident about their children’s lives and their activity online/offline.

To protect your nerves and family, get TeenSafe – install it quickly in a few minutes on your kid’s phone.


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I purchased a yearly subscription for this service. About 10 minutes later, I realized the two factor authentication required to be disabled for this to work correctly was not something I was able to disable from my son’s iphone. Apparently that is a common problem and we can’t bypass it. So I immediately emailed and requested a refund from the company. I was sent an auto reply. Okay. Later I was sent an email that the customer service center is located in the Phillipines where a natural disaster occurred and there would be longer than usual wait times. Okay. Understood. A week later I hadn’t heard….so I emailed for an update on the status of my refund. I was again told there is a longer time to wait due to the natural disaster…..okay, but shouldn’t someone have figured out how to handle this now that it is taking this long to get back up and running? Now I am nearly a month out. I again emailed for an update– was told they could offer me a partial refund. I told them that was not acceptable as I had never even used the product so I need a full refund. I was then sent an email telling me to try A, B, C to see if that would fix the authentication issue. I responded and advised customer service that I would not be doing that since the solution was offered a full month since I initially emailed them regarding the issue in the first place. I was then told the only way to resolve this issue was to try the steps because they would not be refunding me. I again emailed them and told them that was unacceptable and I demanded a FULL REFUND. I just received yet another email asking me if a $100 refund would be okay. NO IT ISN’T. I want the full amount as I was never offered any type of solution initially, no one reached out to me at any time- I always had to contact them, and now they want to play some negotiation game with my refund. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP. IT IS A SCAM AND THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. AGAIN, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. THE COMPANY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT IT’S USERS AND THEY CERTAINLY DO NOT CARE WHEN THINGS GO WRONG- THEY DO NOT CORRECT SITUATIONS IN A TIMELY MANNER.

Anjelica Rivera
Anjelica Rivera

Hey Amanda, very sad to hear your story. Teensafe is out of business for a long time now and we have written about it at the beginning of our post. You can try an alternative like mSpy though.


we simply want an app, etc. that gives us the ability to shut off the phone for an hour at the touch of a button. ie., “Time for 1 hr of homework, no ph.” “Finish your chore than we’ll turn the ph back on.” Simple, like many parents want.
For a ‘tween’ all the ‘monitoring’ looks good. For a 16 year old, we only want the shut off button.
Please advise,
Thank you