10 Best Suspicious Phone Number Lookup Services


What’s the last time an unusual number called your phone or spammed your device with unwanted messages? You will remember that it can be a harrowing experience, and there is often not much one can do about such an issue.

Fortunately, this guide on the ten best suspicious phone lookup services in 2021 should provide excellent solutions for your needs. Let us get started on apps for performing suspicious phone number lookup:

App Features
  • Well recognized phone app with its debut in 2003.
  • Comprehensive phone records data.
  • Can search for records outside of the U.S.A
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • 10 years of experience in the phone search industry.
Instant Checkmate
  • Flexible subscription packages.
  • Transparent financing option.
  • Technical support staff available.
  • Thorough background searches and lookups.
  • Intuitive user interface and design.
  • Access to millions of verified records.
  • Whitepages started in 1997. 
  • Reliable customer support team.
  • Dark web scanning and monitoring features.
  • Comprehensive web and background searches.
  • Expansive data on U.S.A residents and well-aggregated data.
  • Transparent financing options.
  • Available in the form of a phone application.
  • Simple to use interface and features.
  • Seeks information from reputable sources and databases.
  • Technical staff members are available for fast responses.


  • High-quality user experience and features.
  • Affordable pricing packages and satisfaction guarantees.

Intelius – Reliable Suspicious Phone Number Lookup Tool

Intelius homepage

Intelius is an industry leader in providing concise information on people in the U.S.A. Started in 2003, the Seattle-based company has been growing in leaps. It functions under the People Connect Inc company, which is a digital management firm.

The firm also controls the activities of other firms such as TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate, U.S. Search. While the company does not have mind-blowing offers at first, they are excellent at delivering information records.

The is home to over 20 billion public and well-aggregated user records. You can use Intelius to perform a suspicious free phone number lookup. These include civil judgments, public arrest records, sex offenders, and various other records. It’s the perfect person search app if you want to see beyond an individual’s basic details.

It’s available with an interactive tool that provides unique graphs for learning more about an individual’s lifestyle.

The service also has approval from the FCRA to provide aggregated data on paid subscriptions. 


  • Well-organized search results interfaces and pages.
  • The support team responds fast to queries.
  • It guarantees access to billions of verified person search information.


  • The 24-hour search plan is costly. 
Plan Pricing
Criminal record search  $29.95
Reverse phone number lookup Dependent on the information required.
24-hour search plan $19.95

Spokeo – Best Scammer Phone Number Lookup Service

Spokeo - best suspicious phone lookup

Spokeo ranks high up among some of the most popular services for checking suspicious phone numbers. It provides access to billions of updated records that are verified thoroughly. Four Stanford Graduates started the company in 2006 as a social network.

Two years later, the platform had evolved into a search engine with paid services. The people search function started in 2010. Aside from e-mail searches, Spokeo also lets you search through names, phone numbers, and addresses.

Accessing a detailed report is a simple process through the paid plan. There is a free version of the app, but it’s not as comprehensive as the paid version. Its also available with an excellent geo-grouping algorithm, which you can use to categorize search results conveniently.

Its also available with a geo grouping algorithm, which you can use to organized search results based on location factors. You can also make the most of the app through the 30-day free trial function, which is convenient.


  • Industry-leading and proven person search service.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • The 3-month package is highly affordable.


  • Slow customer support responses.
Plan Pricing
Monthly $13.95 for a month
3-month interval $4.95 per month for half a year.

Instant Checkmate – Phone Number Scam Checker

Instant Checkmate

Since its debut in 2010, Instant Checkmate has accumulated an expansive data store that contains billions of verified records. It’s one the best answers for, “How to look up a suspicious phone number!”

Instant Checkmate offers a comprehensive background check you can use to find lost friends, business associates, and essential background searches. You can use it to input an individual’s background information through a simple e-mail reverse lookup process.

The site is highly professional and has received an A+ rating from the San Diego Better Business Bureau in the past. The search process by Instant Checkmate will reveal details such as names, addresses, free email lookup, locations, and various others.


  • The service has been collecting data for over 10 years.
  • It’s a platform with approval and licensing to collect data.
  • The user experience is unique and customer support is reliable.


  • The service might sometimes take up to 30 seconds to bring search data.
Package Name Pricing
1-month membership $22.86
3-month membership $14.86
6-month membership $9.86

Cocofinder – Check Phone Number for Scam


Cocofinder lets you check suspicious phone numbers and various other data search procedures. The company runs under the firm Shenzen Duiyun Technology, famous for its digital products and solutions.

The platform offers the ability to search through e-mail lookups and various other details. These include phone numbers, addresses, and various other details. You can also find someone’s birthday. While it’s not available in the form of an app, its functions well on most web browsers.

The basic information the site provides is free, and you may have to go full premium reports from the Truthfinder Site. It’s an affiliate of Cocofinder, and we shall look at it later on in this list.


  • The system runs on a verified and systems operator.
  • Each search yields aggregated results in seconds.
  • The free plan offers excellent benefits.


  • N/A

Whitepages – Free Scammer Phone Number Lookup Website

Whitpages reverse phone lookup

What is one of the best ways on how to find out if a phone number is legit? Whitepages has undoubtedly set the bar high when it comes to being the best e-mail lookup services. The site has over two decades of experience providing data search details, which go through various verification procedures.

As one of the most flexible background search apps, Whitepages can perform background checks, financial searches, and employee reports. The platform also has the FCRA certification, thus ranking it high up among the most reliable background search sites.

To back the e-mail search up, Truthfinder has a search feature that lets you locate people through their names. Its also available with a filter slider, which you can use to categorize data based on age, names, or phones.


  • Offers fast search results and customer support responses.
  • Accurate and concise data on the people listed on its database.


  • It’s only available for U.S citizens.
Package Name Pricing
Whitepages annual subscription $29.99
Contact bundle $7.99
Background report $9.99

Truthfinder – Scam Number Check Tool

Truthfinder phone lookup

Truthfinder has affiliations with U.S Search and Instant Checkmate. However, the platform functions uniquely, and various things make it a standout performer in this list. The customer support offers fast responses, and each relates to the specific needs of each search user.

With Truthfinder, you will find it easy to find the owner suspicious phone number. It’s easy to use, and the thorough algorithms deliver search reports fast.

With this app, you will find it easy to get a detailed report about a particular individual. These include details such as addresses, names, locations, and various other forms of valuable data. There is also the substantial report content, which offers access to an extensive pool of personal data records.


  • Transparent information and pricing information.
  • Highly responsive and reliable customer support.
  • Offers access to verified person search information.


  • The app should provide downloadable reports.
Plan Pricing
Montly membership $28.99 per month.
Two month membership $23.99

Publicseek – Find Out if a Phone Number Is a Spam Number

Publicseek is a background research company with its headquarters in New York U.S.A. The service has an extensive team of technical staff who work in the background to provide thorough reports and records.

The site works based on a robust search engine algorithm that scours through different reputable data sources. It does this on a regular basis, and the information you receive comes from several years of data collection. 

The support team behind also responds to your queries and the searches this app performs guarantee excellent results. Each record undergoes thorough research and you can also choose between different subscription plans. 

With all these features, it’s easy to see why Publicseek is perfect for a free scammer phone lookup. They also update their database records in real-time.


  • Simple to use and convenient interface.
  • Reliable and thorough customer support staff.
  • The site guarantees detailed reports and information.


  • You need a subscription to access the premium reports.
Plan Pricing
One day trial $1.00
One month $26.87
Two months $46.96

BeenVerified – Scam Phone Numbers Database


Have you ever asked, “Is this number safe?” Well, BeenVerified might be the solution to your question. BeenVerified enjoys over 7,000,000 website visits each day – which makes it popular among people performing paid searches. It has affiliated with the White Pages Look Up platform, which offers excellent results.

Aside from e-mail lookups, BeenVerified also lets people perform background searches through phone numbers, names, and addresses. Its also available with a username search function, which you can use to locate someone through social media.

Each spam number lookup process on the platform provides access to crucial information, including arrest records, relationships, and various others. The only drawback of the platform would be that it’s not available with a free trial.


  • Premium spam calls lookup features and functions.
  • Accurate and well organized search report information.


  • None of the app’s features are free.
Plan Price
Monthly $26.89
Three months $17.48

InfoTracer – Check if a Phone Number Is Real


Indeed, InforTracer has done well to go the whole nine yards to ensure person searches provide concise results. With the robust tools the site offers, you can efficiently perform a free e-mail lookup process. It’s one of the best answers to your question, “What is the best method for how to find scammer numbers?”

InforTracer also offers support for a facial recognition search. What is this exactly? It’s a way of identifying an individual by uploading their phone to the site’s servers. You can also use the app to perform targeted lookups of a particular individual.

The process will include reports on various records such as the individuals’ license plates, names, addresses, and other personal details. The company also takes pride in its over 3,000 records database.

The database contains information from various platforms include state, federal and municipal records. Currently, the site has aggregated and verified over two billion records of people worldwide.


  • Support a facial recognition search.
  • The app can perform targeted lookup procedures.


  • N/A
Plan Pricing
One-time fee for reports  $19.95
Recurring fees  $19.95
7-day trial  $3.95

RecordsFinder – Scammers Phone Number List

RecordsFinder phone number lookup

Recordsfinder has the goal of providing convenient access to affordable services for person searches. Similar to the other contenders on this list, this platform has billions of verified user information details in its database.

The site can also support various types of record searches. These can include basic people searches to thorough background checks that have been beneficial for consumers worldwide. The firm also does more than provide free e-mail reverse lookups.

It also enables clients to access verified and well-organized information. So, if you are still asking, “Is this number spam?” Well, RecordsFinder has helpful information in store for you to evaluate.


  • It comes with an affordable monthly pricing plan.
  • The service menus and interfaces are easy to access.


  • It takes some time for you to integrate your payment options.
Plan Pricing
Free trial (limited) Free 
One-time report  $12.95
Monthly reports $12.95


How to Find Out If a Phone Number Is Spam?

If you’re wondering whose phone number is this, there are various ways you can use to determine if a Phone Number is Spam. Naturally, we recommend Spokeo because it’s an industry leader, and they provide concise information. The steps involved in using this reverse phone lookup spam app include:

  1. First, visit the Spokeo site, where you should first see the free search interface. It can only provide basic details, and you have to click on signup to create a profile if you want detailed results.
  2. Once you click sign up, create a user name, provide your e-mail and create a password. Go to your e-mail, and click on the verification link.
  3. Next, provide your payment details on the site, and choose a suitable subscription package for your person search needs.
  4. Once the payment process is complete, you can start performing the reverse e-mail lookups.

How to Perform Suspicious Phone Lookup for Free?

What is the best method for how to find out if a phone number is spam? You have various options for performing a suspicious phone lookup for free. Here is a quick rundown of the things to expect from each resource when you want to find someone’s name by phone number:

  • Search public scam caller databases – these are databases that aggregate user data on specific e-mails and phone numbers. Each contact comes with a spam label for ease of identification.
  • Google – Google is a search engine that tries to index any content it finds indexed on the world wide web. Try searching for the suspicious number on Google and have a look at the results it brings.
  • Social media – platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are exceptional for researching a particular number.

What Is the Best Way to Look Up a Suspicious Phone Number?

The best way to lookup a suspicious phone number would be to use the Spokeo App. The app is an industry leader in performing background searches, and many people use it today. It has a simple search function which you can use to perform number lookups conveniently.

  • A simple search should reveal the following details
  • The names of the phone number owner.
  • Age of the owner.
  • Adress details related to the suspicious number.
  • The phone carrier service.

It’s easy to find out about the specific details of a client, tenant, business partner, and various other people when you have the right solutions. While Spokeo is the best recommendation on our list, you also have access to various other helpful options. You can then use the best call blocker app to block them if needed. Start with Spoke, then try out the rest on this list – you might find something better for your person search needs.


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