Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing Software On Their Phone


Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, especially teenagers. However, as the use of the internet continues to grow among millions of young users, so does the presence of online predators. These predators create social media accounts using fake identities to trick young users into revealing sensitive information.

The result could be a moody teenager being blackmailed with nude pictures or another child being bullied online. So, how do you fix this? How do you understand what’s going on, especially when they are reluctant to reveal this willingly? Simple. However, check out our article if you are interested to learn how to find someone’s text messages and read them.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

Read Text Messages mSpy Dashboard

The good news is that tons of spying software are available today that will allow you to read someone’s SMS messages without access to the target phone. This is great for any parent that would like to pay a little more attention to what their child is doing on social media.

Remember that this is only legal if you’re tracking a child that hasn’t turned 18 yet. And not just any child but your child. If you have an adult’s consent, you’re free to spy on text messages on their phone. Spy apps are intended for legal use only.

With several spy apps available today, which one can you trust to help you read text messages without installing software? Here is one spy app that has garnered quite a reputation.

Monitor Text Messages Without Installing Software with mSpy

mSpy is a popular monitoring software that helps you check text messages from another phone easily. With its straightforward setup process, you can install mSpy on any iOS and Android device (no root or jailbreak necessary). One thing a lot of users love about this spy app is its stealth mode.

In stealth mode, mSpy runs in the background and won’t be noticed by the target phone user. With this, parents can read messages without them knowing.

mSpy Dashboard

With app features, parents can intercept text messages from another phone, monitor phone calls, view social media activity, and receive real-time reports straight to their mSpy account. The target phone user won’t have any idea of this, and settings from the app will be invisible.

As soon as you create your account on this parental control software, you will have an online dashboard for access all the data on the target device. This is a web-based feature, so all you have to do is sign-in anywhere.

On this dashboard, you can view messages, social media activities, incoming and outgoing calls, and so much more. As long as the target device has a working internet connection, you will continue to receive relevant data without them knowing. This is a little downside to the app as you won’t be able to access the phone without internet connectivity.


How to Use mSpy to Read Messages Without Installing Software on the Target Phone

Let’s talk about how you can read messages from another phone without installing any software. This section gives you all the information you need to spy on someone.

Spying on Someone’s Text Messages With an iPhone

Monitor iMessage mSpy

What do you do when you want to read someone’s messages without installing any software on an iPhone? You can do this in a few minutes with mSpy using their iCloud credentials. Here’s how to get it done:

  • Sign in to the iCloud account of the person using the target device
  • Select the option Recover from iCloud Backup Files
  • Choose any backup file with a text message and download
  • Start scanning after choosing Messages in a pop-up window that comes up
  • Wait for a few minutes for the scan to be complete
  • Preview the data and Select Recover to Computer

This will save text messages from the target’s cell phone without issues.

Using mSpy to Track Any Target on Android Devices

mSpy also works on any Android device. This software makes it possible to spy on any target using an Android phone. You can then activate its parental control features on your device and start reading every text message without touching your child’s phone. Here’s how to do this:

  • Choose a Basic or Premium subscription, depending on what features you need.
  • Fill in the billing information with relevant details, including your valid email address, and submit payment.
  • Instructions will be sent to your mail.
  • Install mSpy, sign in and check out your control panel.

All done! You can read all sent and received messages for free if you accept the free trial offer. While you can get started with mSpy on an iPhone without touching the target’s phone, it’s different for an Android. You have to set up the app by installing an apk file.

The installation takes only a few minutes. You can then start reading someone’s social media chats from platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and so much more.

Advanced Phone Monitoring Features on mSpy

Whether the target phone user is on an iPhone or Android phone, you can still access the phone monitoring features on this spy software. This app comes in handy when you want to stop your kids from being blackmailed or cyberbullied. Here are some of its advanced monitoring features:

  • View browser history and bookmarks
mSpy Browsing History

What about the websites your children are checking out? You can also keep your children from falling prey to malicious sites when browsing the web. With web monitoring, you can view browser history, bookmarks, and get notifications for keywords.

Even better, you can block websites that you don’t want your child visiting. This works when the target user is browsing via Safari or Chrome.

  • Set trigger words
mSpy Keyword Alerts Tracking

Get instant keywords alert for certain trigger words. You can modify this to include any obscene or terrible word you don’t want your child to use. If they use any of it, you’ll receive notifications.

mSpy monitors browsing history, text messages, and almost every app on their phones, so you don’t miss anything.

  • Track GPS location
mSpy Phone Location Tracker

Here’s one way to know that your children are safe at any time. This GPS location feature is said to be accurate in tracking your child’s location if the target user is within 20 meters. The location map tells you their exact location even when they are not on Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Monitor calls and block suspicious contacts
mSpy Phone Call Tracker

With mSpy, you can view contacts, address details, and email addresses saved by the target user. If you’re not satisfied with certain phone numbers, you can block these suspicious contacts from dialing that number. You can also see all calendar and schedule information from your dashboard.

This is great for employers who want to monitor the tasks and schedules of their employees.

  • Manage any social media app
mSpy WhatsApp Tracker

It is possible to read messages on most social media platforms with this spy app. Most kids have social media accounts and mSpy lets you monitor their activities on these apps. This works on Skype, Telegram, Tinder, Viber, Line, Snapchat, and Whatsapp. With this, you can view the target user’s profile on these apps.

  • Match passwords with a keylogger
mSpy Cell Phone Keylogger

If you want to monitor how your child using language and view passwords, then the keylogger feature will come in handy. You will be replacing the keyboard on the target phone user with your mSpy keyboard.

With this, you have instant access to the usernames, keystrokes, and passwords of your target user. You can load this mSpy keyboard any time with the Force Keyboard button.

  • Monitor text messages from another phone

As you already know, you can get notifications for every message sent to the target user’s phone and view them directly on your mSpy dashboard.

  • View installed apps
mSpy Installed Applications

What apps do your children have on their phones? You can answer this question by checking your mSpy dashboard. Yes, it has a feature that lets you control apps on your child’s phone.

Check both new and already-installed applications to see which might pose a threat to your children. If you’re not satisfied with any, you can block or unblock these applications as you wish.

  • View incoming and outgoing emails

mSpy monitors online activities in real-time, including details on various emails. You can view the email content and the recipient’s email address. Even if the emails are deleted on the target device, you can still read them anytime.

  • View photos and videos
mSpy Monitor Emails

Get all photos and videos saved on your child’s device straight to your dashboard. You can see the exact time they were taken and choose to view them as thumbnails.

The phone user will thank you for this when you use this software to save them from really dire situations.


How to Intercept Text Messages from Another Phone Without Installing Software for Free

Read messages on any phone for free by taking up the trial offer. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Fill in your email address and click Try Now on the mSpy website.

mSpy Create Account

Step 2: Activate your account and fill in the relevant information.

Step 3: Access your dashboard and start using all its features for free.

mSpy Dashboard Access

Now you know what to do if you want to spy on anyone without installing software on their phone. It all starts with a reliable app like mSpy. You can get it now and take advantage of the free trial offer to see if this works for your specific monitoring needs.


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