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How to Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing


Technology is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it makes your life easier and connects us to our loved ones, but at the same time, it can also be a source of much worry. As humans, we often tend to worry about our loved ones.

We worry about our kids, for instance, and prefer being able to track their cell phone location to know where they are at all times. The need to track a cell phone can often also be the result of someone’s safety.

If you’re someone who’s wondering how to track someone via Google Maps without them knowing or you might be worried that someone has tapped your phone and is tracking it on Google Maps, this article is for you.

Regardless of the reason, here’s how one can track your phone via Google Maps.

How to Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing

How to Track Someone on Google Maps

If you’ve asked yourself how to track someone on Google Maps without them knowing, the app makes it incredibly easy to track their real-time cell phone location without them knowing. The prerequisite for this is that you’ll need access to the target device to enable this function. Here’s how you can do this:

Step 1: The first step is to open the Google Maps App on your target device.

Google Maps Step 1

Step 2: Once the application opens up, tap the icon with the user’s profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Google Maps Step 2

Step 3: From the list of options that appear, tap on “Location Sharing.”

Google Maps Step 3

Step 4: Under “Share your real-time location,” you’ll find a drop-down option with “For 1 hour” written inside it. Tap on that to set the duration of the location tracking.

Google Maps Step 4

Step 5: You’re now presented with two options. You can tap on either the plus or minus symbol to increase or decrease the duration of the location tracking, or you can choose the second option, which allows you to track a cell phone until the tracking option is turned off.

Google Maps Step 5

Step 6: Once you’ve selected the duration, select your contact or that of whoever you want the location shared with.

At this stage, you may be prompted to allow Google Maps access to your location if you haven’t already done so.

You must select the option to enable location tracking at all times. Next, go ahead and select the contact you want the real-time location to be shared with.

This could be through WhatsApp, Gmail, or any other apps you use to communicate.

Google Maps Step 6

Select the contact you want the location tracking to be shared with.

With these steps, you can track your loved one’s cell phone location without them knowing about it. Additionally, Google Maps also takes this feature a step further. Apart from simply tracking a cell phone location, you can even get directions to it in the event of an emergency.

Having sent the link to yourself, tap on it to open up the location on Google Maps. The person’s location is shown with their profile picture, so you know where they are at all times.

To get directions, tap on the “Directions” feature and choose whether you want to drive, ride, call a cab, or take the subway, and Maps will give you the directions accordingly.

Note – If you use an iPhone, as opposed to an Android phone, you can follow the same steps to share a location through Google Maps and track it if you need to.

 Google Maps Final Step

Other Ways of Tracking a Cell Phone Location

So far, you’ve read about how to use Google Maps to track someone, and how easy this process is. As we have discussed, there are various other ways of tracking someone’s phone without them knowing. This section will list these options, along with the steps to do so.

Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing Using WhatsApp

Tracking a cell phone location through WhatsApp is yet another easy way of staying updated with your kids or others’ whereabouts. Here’s how you can do so:

Step 1: Open up WhatsApp on the target device and tap on your chat with them.

WhatsApp Step 1

Step 2: Tap the paper clip icon on the bottom of the screen and select “Location.”

WhatsApp Step 2

Step 3: From the two options that appear, tap on “Share live location” and then click on Continue on the disclaimer that appears. Don’t click on “Send your Current Location” as that only sends their current location, which cannot be tracked.

Step 4: Select the duration for which you want to track the cell phone and tap Send.

WhatsApp Step 4

Step 5: Lastly, once you have sent the location to yourself, delete the message by selecting the “Delete for Me” option.

WhatsApp Step 5

What’s more is that if you need to navigate to someone’s live location, all you need to do is click on their profile picture on the map and tap on “Get Directions.” This gives you the option of using Google Maps to track someone and book yourself a cab if you need to be with them in an emergency.

As you can see, Google Maps is quite versatile and lets you track your loved one’s cell phone without them knowing about it. It’s very easy and only takes about two minutes at the most to enable.

In Conclusion

Tracking a loved one’s cell phone sometimes becomes necessary to keep them safe and for one’s peace of mind. One of the simplest ways of doing so is by using Google Maps. In this guide, we’ve shown you how you can track someone using Google Maps without them knowing.

Additionally, we’ve also shown you how you can use WhatsApp to do so. Lastly, we’ve listed two of our favorite cell phone tracker apps with an inbuilt Google Maps tracker that you can either try for free or buy based on your preference.

Each of them comes with a host of useful features and an easy-to-use interface that makes tracking someone a walk in the park. On the other hand, check out our article if you want to find out how to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing!

Do keep up with us for more such guides and reviews! Till then, take care!


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