10 Best Keyloggers for Windows in 2023


Before revealing what’s the best keylogger for Windows, you have to understand what exactly is a keylogger. 

Simply put: A keylogger is a special piece of software that records keystrokes as you type on the keyboard, whether that’s on a computer or phone. 

As you might have already heard, a lot of these tools were used in many cases of cybercrimes. 

So imagine this… 

You’re some kind of malicious bad guy who managed to install a keylogger on someone’s phone or computer. In some cases, criminals were able to use the best keylogger for Windows to access people’s computers. 

Everything that these people type on their computer is going to be recorded and sent back to you. You will have the power to monitor everything they type on the computer – and more! You’ll be able to get all kinds of information, whether that’s unintentional or not, like, 

  • social media credentials
  • bank accounts credentials 
  • confidential information
  • secret conversations
  • weird google searches
  • sensitive enterprise data

… and so much more!  

On the other hand, while there’s a lot of bad publicity going around the topic of monitoring apps and keyloggers, there are still legitimate uses for this software. With its capabilities, keyloggers are also used for:

And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article! 

After reading this, you should get a pretty good idea about what’s the best keylogger for Windows, the top three keyloggers in the market, and how they can benefit you. This guide will help you decide which software is best for your personal or business needs. 

So, let’s dive in! 

What Is the Best Keystroke Logger for Windows in 2022?

What are the best free keyloggers in the market today? Here are the 10 best keyloggers for Windows ranked based on their function, user-friendliness, price, and disadvantages.  

Spyrix – Best Keylogger for Windows

Spyrix free keylogger software allows users to monitor and record all the keystrokes from the target computer. With the help of its intuitive features, it aids in monitoring children’s computer activities and employee productivity.

Features and Benefits 

When it comes to keystroke recording, Spyrix definitely dominates the game! It can track and record keystrokes, websites visited, screenshots, clipboards, printer tasks, running apps, and generate reports. 

Remote uninstallation of programs is also a feature worth highlighting. You’ll be able to uninstall apps remotely, which could serve as a warning to employees playing games or unauthorized apps on their computers. 

External drives can also be monitored and limited through Spyrix, which is useful to protect classified company information. For employee monitoring, the software can assess computer activity and idle time. Plus, it can monitor whether the target PC is accessing social media platforms, which is really useful to monitor employee productivity. 

When dealing with large amounts of data to track, the actual Keylogger feature comes with an easy filtering and navigation system, where logs are arranged chronologically. Users can also filter loads of information based on visited websites, keystrokes, dates, platforms used, etc. It also comes with an email delivery system, file transfer to the server, and other ways to receive data. 

Best of all: Spyrix can be installed on a Windows PC without requiring physical access, and it runs in the background. With hidden mode, the user of the target Windows computer will be completely unaware of the program. 

TRY Spyrix

Pricing and Packages

The software can be installed on Windows and macOS computers. Aside from its free version, Spyrix also offers a premium version for additional beneficial features, such as live screen viewing, app monitoring, and more advanced features for employee monitoring and even surveillance. 

For the premium versions, you can choose from three options based on the device you’ll be monitoring: 

  1. Spyrix Personal Monitor
  2. Spyrix Personal Monitor PRO
  3. Spyrix Employee Monitoring

For Windows computers, you can select different options based on the number of computers that will be monitored and the additional features you’ll be using.

Cons of Spyrix

  • Parental Control Issues

Technically, the keylogger can’t stop children from viewing illicit content. It doesn’t have a filter feature to block specific content, which is a critical feature when using a keylogger for parental control.

  • Not Entirely Undetectable 

Brass Tacks: It can be flagged as something malicious. Although it is undetectable by antivirus software, it’s still a major concern for situations where you need to use hidden mode.  

CleverControl – Keylogger for Windows 10

When it comes to ease of use, CleverControl comes on top of the list. It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces, which can help managers monitor large numbers of employees. It is cloud-based and can be installed remotely without requiring physical access to the target computer. 

Features and Benefits 

The program tracks almost anything the computer does. Its functionalities are perfect for employee monitoring, which include keystroke logging, screenshot saving, tracking running apps, recording internet activity, detecting interactions with external drives, and generating statistical reports on data gathered. 

Above all, CleverControl allows you to monitor actions outside the computer with a real-time supervision feature, which records videos and sounds through the computer’s webcam. 

Unlike other keyloggers for windows that send data through email or LAN, CleverControl has a versatile panel that displays all the collected information. 

Pricing and Packages

You can try CleverControl before subscribing to the premium version. The vendor offers a free 14-day trial period – for any number of target PCs. 

But, if you need those extra functionalities for an extended amount of time, you can choose from these packages:

  • 3 Months. 11.00 USD/1PC per month.
  • 6 Months. 6.60 USD/1PC per month.
  • 12 Months. 4.70 USD/1PC per month.

Cons of CleverControl 

  • Too Much Input and System Overload

The continuous screenshot feature can sometimes flood the system. They had to be turned off for some computers to prevent system overload or slowdown.

  • Some Functions Can’t be Turned Off 

If you want to stop logging keystrokes, you won’t be able to do so. So, avoiding recording confidential information is impossible. You’ll be forced to record passwords and or bank account credentials even if you don’t want to.

KidLogger – Free Keylogger for Windows

KidLogger is every parent’s extra pair of eyes to monitor their children’s computer activities. It’s also a secret tracking app for Android phones. KidLogger is especially useful for parents who want to monitor their kids’ behavior when surfing the internet. It can monitor up to five devices, which is really useful for parents who have many kids or have a kid with multiple devices. 

Features and Benefits

The program works the same as a regular keystroke recorder. It also logs all the programs that were launched by the target computer. Screenshots will also be saved once the target computer starts running. Parents can also set predetermined intervals when taking screenshots. 

Aside from keystrokes and application usages, KidLogger is also able to record the computer’s clipboard contents, browsing history, chat logs from Skype, USB usage, etc. And, the most useful of all, it can even record audio during calls (only available for premium versions).  

The interface KidLogger is “parent-friendly”. You just need to indicate the functionalities that you’ll need in the program by checking the corresponding boxes. 

All the data and information recorded can be viewed online using any device, which allows monitoring very convenient for parents – anytime and anywhere. 

Pricing and Packages

KidLogger’s free version is open-source, which means anyone with the coding knowledge can inspect and analyze it. However, the basic version has its limitations. 

As for the premium version, here are the available packages per subscription: 

Standard Cost 

  • $9 for 3 months
  • $17 for 6 months
  • $29 for 1 year


  • $29 for 3 months
  • $49 for 6 months 
  • $89 for 1 year

Cons of KidLogger 

  • Limited Features for Free Version 

The free version only logs the computer’s history within 9 days. The disc space to store all the data is only 9Mb, which is obviously not enough, considering how much time kids spend using their devices. 

  • Not for Parental Control 

While the software is being marketed to parents for monitoring their children, it lacks the ability to block certain applications or websites. Therefore, parents who want to may opt for other keyloggers for windows that provide parental control features. 

HomeGuard Activity Monitor – Keylogger for Windows

HomeGuard Activity Monitor is for overprotective parents out there. Like most keyloggers in this list, the program can record keystrokes, monitor website visits, take screenshots, USB connection, and printer tasks. 

But, more importantly, HomeGuard Activity Monitor can block internet connection or specific apps and websites based on their content, which is a great parental control tool. You can also protect specific files by blocking the ability of the computer to delete those files.

And, to top it all off, all those mentioned restrictions can be set for a specific time and users, allowing you to have control over who or how the computer will be used. 


Kidinspector is particularly developed for monitoring children’s computer activity, but its potential can extend far beyond parental monitoring. The software has all the features of a keylogger, such as keystrokes logging, saving screenshots, monitoring apps, recording internet activity, printer monitoring, and many more.  

Plus, it has some of the most top-notch features, such as sound and video recording, webcam and screen streaming, and remote uninstallation of apps. 

The free version of this cloud-based PC monitoring keylogger does not include recording calls from Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Zoom, Discord, and other communication platforms. The premium version also comes with the feature that records the computer screen once the computer is turned on. With all these, the title “best keylogger for Windows” can also apply to Kidinspector.  

All In One Keylogger

All In One Keylogger is equipped with all the tools you’ll need for monitoring large numbers of employees – a crucial quality to being included in the list of the best keylogger for Windows. If you’re serious about protecting your children against the harms of the internet, this program is also perfect for you. 

True to its title, All In One Keylogger is excellent in collecting records of keystrokes, web visits, screenshots, messages, social media activities, printer tasks, file changes, folder directories, etc. It has an app and website-blocker feature, which is beneficial for parents and managers. 

On the other hand, All In One Keylogger only records sound and get screenshots during video calls. All stored data can be delivered through a variety of ways, such as LAN, email, file transfer protocol, and USB drive. 

Total Logger

Another best keylogger for windows on this list definitely worth checking is Total Logger. It is packed with a range of impressive features, such as tracking keystrokes, web visits, social media chats, screenshots, file operations, and even audio and videos from the webcam. You can also create a preconfigured installer and infect the target computer without the knowledge of the user. 

The delivery system of Total Logger’s data includes FTP, email, LAN, and Dropbox. With its powerful features and convenient usage, this keylogger is totally a must-try!

NetBull Keylogger

If you recently forgot your password or username, NetBull Keylogger can help you recover them. Once installed on a target PC, it can log every keystroke that the user types, including emails, chats, texts from the clipboard, and many more! It can also track computer usage and running applications. 

It’s a silent keystroke recorder for Windows 10 that can bypass antivirus programs and firewalls. NetBull Keylogger also provides an easy-to-use interface, where you can view logs on a dashboard. You can also receive logs via email and FTP. 

Perfect Keylogger

This Windows keylogger is a sneaky one. Equipped with the necessary features to monitor a PC, the program is aptly named to fulfill its function. Aside from logging keystrokes, it can also notify the user about certain unwanted words that were typed from the target computer. The best part: it also records screenshots and snapshots from the webcam. 

The program is invisible to the user, even to the Task Manager. Plus, you can rename the registry entries and executable files to achieve better invisibility. 

All collected logs can be sent through email and FTP. You can also set a password to protect the log files, which is useful when dealing with confidential information.

Wolfeye Keylogger 

Sometimes, the best keylogger for Windows is the one with the simplest intent and interface. Aside from logging keystrokes, Wolfeye Keylogger allows you to read chat conversations, emails, and record social media credentials, track website visits, and take screenshots from the target computer.

The program is primarily being marketed for employee monitoring, but it can also be a useful tool for parents. The software runs hidden in the background, which allows you to monitor a computer without being noticed. 

All of the logged data can be sent remotely to an email address on a regular basis or at intervals. With this, the collected data will be available to you even when you’re not in front of a computer. 

How Does a Free Keylogger for Windows Work? 

Keyloggers can either be hardware-based or software-based. 

A hardware-based keylogger can be a small device that can be connected to another device or keyboard. It can also be a module that needs to be installed on the keyboard itself. There are also wireless keylogger devices that can intercept and decrypt data from wireless keyboards.  

Obviously, a hardware-based keystroke logger is not free. 

On the other hand, the best free keyloggers for windows are the ones that don’t require physical access to the computer. Once installed or downloaded on the target device, it can record keystrokes, clipboards, screenshots, internet activity, and application usage.  

It’s relatively easy for these pieces of software to go unnoticed. The best keyloggers for windows can be installed on purpose or downloaded unintentionally as malware. 

However, it’s really hard to select the best keyloggers with the same type of software being offered on the internet. So, here’s a guide on how you can pick the best one based on your purpose or needs. 

What’s the Best Free Keylogger for Windows? 

The best free keylogger for Windows is Spyrix because it’s user-friendly, offers great features, and can be undetectable.

Does Windows Still Have a Keylogger? 

Yes, keyloggers for windows are available online. You can easily download and use them for free. These programs log all keystrokes of the target PC, which is intended for monitoring employees, children’s internet usage, or personal use. 

Can I Install a Keylogger on My Computer?

Some keyloggers are only compatible with Windows or macOS computers. Some keylogger programs can only be used on smartphones or tablets. One should look at the compatibility of a specific keylogger before trying to install it on your computer. If it is, you can easily install a keylogger on your computer by downloading the software from a keylogger provider’s website. 

Does Resetting the PC Remove the Keylogger?

Most keyloggers for Windows PC or macOS are undetectable. They run on stealth mode, and it’s hard for a computer to detect them. On the other hand, a Factory Reset can remove all the data from your hard drive, which can wipe keyloggers and other types of malware 


Whether you want to protect your kids against the dangers of the internet or a corporate manager who wants to increase employee productivity, using the best windows keylogger is definitely a good way to accomplish that.

For this, we highly recommend that you start with the free version of Spyrix Keylogger. It’s an incredible software that allows the recording and monitoring of the target computers. More than that, it can also save screenshots of the active programs at pre-programmed intervals. You can even uninstall apps remotely, which is good news for parents out there. All the recorded information can be viewed from your local computer or remotely on a secure account. 

If you need more advanced features, you can also avail the premium version, which can definitely help you in your monitoring needs.


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