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Spy on Your Girlfriend’s Phone – 3 Best Ways You Can Do It


Relationships are meaningful because they give you a sense of purpose in life and help you develop mentally. 

Recent evidence shows that people who stay in stable relationships are likely to achieve their goals and live happy lives. However, infidelity is still a major stumbling block to relationships today. It’s good to be informed of any cheating activity in your relationship, so you never have trust issues.

Thus, we recommended you take a look at these three ways you can spy on your girlfriend’s phone and more.

Let us dive right into it:

3 Ways You Can Spy On Your Girlfriend’s Phone – Number 1 Is A Stealer!

There are several high-quality apps you can use to spy on your girlfriend. The good thing is most of them have the “stealth” feature, which ensures the apps run discreetly. They include:

Spyzie App

Spyzie a mobile app with various features to provide first-hand information on any infidelity signs in your relationship. With millions of satisfied users, the app is a reliable way to sort out trust issues. A few of its key features for spying on your girlfriend’s mobile will be explained below.

Spyzie App Features

Below are some of the few useful features of the spyzie app if you want to monitor your girlfriend:

Track Text Messages and Their Call Logs 

The app features various unique data recording measures. Besides recording calls, you can also gain access to your girlfriend’s phone’s various communication apps. 

Spyzie dashboard

Spyzie app also provides you with access to various useful metrics on the given phone. A few features to spy your girlfriend’s phone expect include:

  • View detailed conversations and girlfriend’s text messages.
  • Check the content of MMS messages
  • Access to different mobile phone platforms
  • It gives you the ability to monitor the location of your girlfriend’s mobile
Track and Monitor Your Girlfriend’s Phone

It’s never easy to keep track of the locations and the activities your loved one partakes in throughout the day. With the Spyzie app, you can track their location and monitor their movements as well. To make things convenient, the phone spying app provides convenient location viewing choices. 

A good example would be the 3D street view function, which offers an immersive tracking experience. 

Provides Alerts on Phone Activity

Are you worried about your loved one changing sim cards during their infidelity escapades? Well, the Spyzie app keeps track of various aspects of SIM changes. 

The app will also let you determine the specific location of the given SIM card. The best part about it all is that it tracks the SIM card activity entirely in the background. 

Stores Data in A Central Server

All the data acquired through the map will sit on the server, which you will access using your iCloud credentials. You can use an internet-capable tool to access the data from your girlfriend’s phone.  

The next step is to log in from your account, which will provide access to the dashboard. It provides you with access to the app’s various functions, which are crucial in the phone spying process. 

Reasonable Pricing Plans

Below are the costs you should expect if you want to use this app to monitor your girlfriend. You can even recommend it someone else who has experienced such issues in the past. The prices are reasonable, considering the advanced functions it has to provide 

Android Prices

Spyzie Android pricing

iPhone Prices

Spyzie iOS pricing

How to Install It

Offering a flawless user interface, and various convenient features, this app is easy to use. The few installation steps include

  1. Go to the Spyzie’s official website, and create a unique user account. Remember to use legitimate personal details to make it easy to access your account.
spy on your girlfriend's phone with Spyzie
  1. Then, choose a suitable subscription plan for your target device. Once it’s complete, proceed to profile the phone you want to monitor.
  2. Then, find a way to get the target devices and go to the app settings. Go to “Settings”>”Security. Then, allow the “Install apps from different sources” function. Depending on the android version and the type of target device, you may also have to modify a few other features. You will have to disable the “Improve harmful app detection” and “Scan target device for security threats” functions.
Play Protect Settings
  1. Then click on the app on the target’s phone. The next step is to approve the app’s privacy policy and sign in to the account by using your username and personal details. The app should now be running in stealth mode. The app’s quick launch code on the target phone is for you to dial **001**. You can start monitoring the activity once you do so.


Use Keylogger Software

Keyloggers are software that collects data and then relays it to a specific user. Usually, the software contains algorithms that keep track of keyboard strokes. It’s an excellent answer if you have ever asked, “how can I spy on my girlfriend.”

Plus, programmers can customize the spy app to collect your girlfriend’s text messages, screengrabs, password data, GPS information, camera data, and more.

mSpy – The Perfect App for Spying on Your Girlfriend

It’s a mobile spy app that can record various keystrokes that the device user inputs to the phone. Plus, the app also comes with various other useful features to monitor your girlfriend’s phone: 


This app is not only able to track keystrokes, it can also capture various other useful metrics and password data. It lets you spy on your girlfriend through these features. Luckily, she won’t be able to find the installed keylogger on her phone that easily.

With the mSpy, you can activate the app functionality remotely. It’s a useful feature, especially if you want to improve the covertness of your approach. The app does not store the information on a web server but sends it directly to your e-mail.

mSpy to spy on your girlfriend
Keylogger Logs Everything

The app leverages the keylogger algorithms and screen capturing techniques to relay information to the target device logs. These include recording various types of information include calls, SMS, screenshots, deleted messages, and voice notes. The app then relays this information from your girlfriend’s iPhone or handheld device to a specified chosen e-mail. Keep these details safe, and avoid sharing them with someone else.

 24/7 Support 

The app provides all-day support for clients. It’s an excellent solution, especially if you come across any issues in the spy app functions. These include support for retrieving a password, bugs in the app, or even queries about the app functions.

Discreet & Tamper Proof

The app features high end security features. Thus, it becomes an excellent solution to determine if your girlfriend is cheating. These include a customized access code and URL that are perfect for restricting illegal access to the app. 

Users also have the freedom of customizing the app such that it won’t uninstall without authorization. Plus, you can set the system admin or configure the system app after the rooting.

Pricing Plans

mSpy pricing

How to Install the App

  1. The first is to sign up for an account on the official website. They also various other details on how the app can spy on your girlfriend.
  2. Login to the cloud control panel through your given ios devices. Then, proceed to download the app on the target phone.
  3. Download and install mSpy and input the license key to access full app functionality.


What Can I Use to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone Without Touching It?

You can still spy on your girlfriend without touching their phone. An excellent suggestion would spy on her would include:


Cocospy is a leading phone monitoring solution. You can use the app to monitor any modern smartphone or device covertly.  The app works well with both Android and iPhone devices.

Cocospy Features 

Ever heard someone ask, “i am looking for a convenient way to track my girlfriend?” Well, this app should be useful for this process. Below are some of its key features.

Cocospy dashboard
Spy on Their Phone Calls 

The app lets you spy on your girlfriend’s mobile phone using stealth mode. More so, you connect to the app remotely once you set it up, so you want to have to touch the device. 

You can access the cell phone call logs through a web browser, which is highly convenient for those like intuitive iPhone and Android spy apps that are hidden.

You will find the call logs on the “selection menu” on the left of the control panel. These can include the target android device details such as past calls, contact details, call duration, and more.

Use the contacts option in the selection menu. You can find it on the left side of the dashboard.

Keep Track of WhatsApp and Social Media

Still asking, “how can I spy on my girlfriend with mSpy?” The app can also spy on WhatsApp messages on the given android device. It provides you with every useful detail of cheating activity that occurs in the target phone of the user. 

Once you install the app, you will be able to monitor various details. These include information such as contact details, text messages sent, deleted messages, favorite contacts, and WhatsApp logs. 

Cocospy Pricing Plans 

Spy on Your Girlfriend’s Android Phone
Cocospy Android pricing
Spy on Your Girlfriend’s iPhone
Cocospy iOS pricing

How to Install It 

You can access your girlfriend’s phone without having to find a way to access it physically. Cocospy would be ideal for this as iPhone compatible and web-based software. 

You will have to use through via an iCloud account, and below are the steps to expect:

  1. Create a Cocospy account on the official website. Your preferred e-mail will be your username.
  2. Choose a monthly plan. If you want to keep track of your girlfriend on a single cell phone, use the Premium plan. If you want to monitor several devices, consider using the family plan.
  3. Down and install the app on the phone. Then input the username and password your wife uses on iCloud or her ios devices. Wait for a few minutes as the app syncs with the device.
  4. Once you have completed the steps above, you should now be able to spy on your girlfriend’s phone. Log in to your account, and gain access to the dashboard. It’s the place where you will view her device activity, and you can access the features on the left menu.
Cocospy Installation guide



The solutions are many if you want to spy on your girlfriend’s phone. You have many options, including techniques that you can use to access the phone without touching. Plus, you can also get someone else to help you with this process, and to make things convenient.


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