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IMEI tracker

How to Locate Your Phone for Free With IMEI Tracker


Losing phones or simply putting them away and forgetting where you kept them is a common scenario for most of us. You will find it surprising to know that nearly 2,000 phones are stolen every day, and as many as 70 million phones are lost each year. Undoubtedly, getting a hold over the lost mobile […]

wiretapped landline

How to Tell If Your Landline Phone Is Wiretapped in 2021


Wiretapping isn’t a topic to wish away because governments, mobsters, and spouses want to get hold of critical information on your phone. Criminals would want to wiretap to steal crucial information like credit card numbers, governments to track criminal activities, and spouses to catch cheating spouses. Politicians haven’t stayed away from the wiretapping topic. In […]

Can Someone Hack My Phone and Read My Texts?

Can Someone Hack My Phone and Read My Texts?


Having a weak password or using a public network while logging in to your account is a significant risk. In many such instances, you are at risk of having your phone hacked. Once a phone is hacked, personal data can easily be stolen and misused. There are different ways in which your phone can be […]

Is it Legal to Spy on Someone’s Cell Phone in 2021? 


There are many ways to spy on someone’s cell phone, and these ways are accessible to the mass public. However, is it legal to spy on someone’s cell phone? Well, the answer depends on the situation. In this article, we will be discussing when spyware is illegal and legal on cell phones. Spying on kids […]

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