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Updated: October 22, 2020


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Keylogger is a software developed to serve both good and evil desires. Modern keyloggers are something bigger than keystroke trackers: it is not used by criminals anymore. The app became a positive solution used by millions of people. Apps can protect children from Internet dangers such as adult content & online bullying. Users identify kids’ location. In addition, special phone GPS tracking function helps. In the following review, we will cover one of the best apps on keylogger market today, iKeyMonitor, its software purposes, usage, installation details, and advantages.

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Why use keylogger software

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For those phone users who have decided to install a keylogger app on their computers or smartphones, unaware what exactly software does and how it works, we have prepared few simple points to learn. Before picking certain software, decide on the reason. Reasons to install a keylogger app on target mobile device vary. There are different purposes of monitoring applications; different apps to fit certain roles. Read few main points explaining why people start using keyloggers.

  • Firstly, parents want to control their kids while they are online/connected.
  • Secondly, users of mobile tools find their preferred device if it was stolen or lost.
  • Thirdly, employers want to control their employees and corporate devices usage.

Various reasons to install a keylogger exist: what if we tell there is an app that is universal and fits perfectly any user demands? Trust us after checking reviewed tool of generation for the purposes we described above.

iKeyMonitor Background Information

iKeyMonitor would be perfect opportunity to learn what the keylogger is and what the top-class quality means. This program fits created operating systems. Software both works on iOS and Android, popular these days. Start monitoring mobile devices of your children, partners, employees, spouses, and even personal phones to prevent them from being lost/steal. If you lose your iPhone, it is easy to find it using iKeyMonitor on board.

We understand how tough it is to make a choice nowadays: the modern market is rich & expanding. Besides, the number of spying software increases every day. Most of them do not correspond proper quality level. iKeyMonitor is the best choice for those users who value reliability as well as usability. The phone app has a user-friendly interface. Also, the whole system is very easy to install, use, and understand.

Discover Program’s Key Features


  • Remote Control

This feature is useful if phone user does not have constant access to the target phone. It allows performing actions remotely: with iKeyMonitor, mobile users easily change their monitoring status or update the license agreement.

  • Messages & Phone Calls

Given feature is a must for any keylogger. SMS messages, MMS, emails, and even super safe messenger applications: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, plus Viber will be available if you choose iKeyMonitor. Phone calls are also very important to be monitored. In addition, with this software, you can check any incoming/outgoing mobile calls.

  • App Activity

All applications installed on the target phone can be monitored using iKeyMonitor: it does a fantastic job with keystrokes. When it is not enough, make a screenshot of actions and processes you perform on the target gadget.

  • Browser History

iKeyMonitor perfectly displays websites visited via target user’s phone. Offered feature is common with keyloggers; reviewed solution is well-known among users who appreciate reliability & accuracy.

  • GPS Tracker

Another option which requires accuracy; GPS trackers are not new; not all of them are reliable. Even the paid version can’t be trusted enough. iKeyMonitor deals with this feature perfectly and provides users with the top-class tracking options anytime and anywhere.

  • App Blocker

iKeyMonitor is not a simple keylogger. The tool is a perfect shield to protect users’ children! With the help of app blocking option, users may prevent their kids from playing games/watching harmful content on iPad.

  • Languages Selection

Sometimes, it is a problem when you want to use recommended software with no native language involved in the pack. iKeyMonitor makes it possible not to seek for any extra solutions. Enjoy multiple languages pack provided to meet the needs of mobile users over the world.


iKeyMonitor is one of those apps that are simple to use; it is a powerful tool demonstrating highly-rated, trustworthy performance. Its performance is on the highest quality level while the working process is easy to understand. The software tracks keystrokes on target mobile device + sends reports to user’s personal email or account. Screenshot taking option is available. It lets users feel confident about evidence of some inappropriate actions.

Receive important information related to chosen programs, chats, websites, and other actions done by the person of interest. Each running program will have separate reports. The control for this keylogger is totally remote; it is difficult, almost impossible to detect iKeyMonitor. Try this solution to stay in the shadows & protected, especially if it is your initial keylogger experience.


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