How to Hack an Instagram Account: Password Hacking Tools

Updated: August 7, 2020


hack insta accountInstagram is an insanely popular social media platform these days. Many of us wondered how to hack someone’s Instagram account at least once.

If you think it requires a lot of technical savvy, in-depth knowledge of programming, the answer is no. Hacking a social network acc password using specialized software or website may be as easy as gaining access to your apartment.

When downloading free programs, you need a target Instagram account hacked in no time:

Start a program to learn how to hack Instagram or view the demo tutorial that explains how to work with the service.

After one click of a button, the software will process the username.

Then it will find all the details of the target Instagram easily.

NOTE: Always follow the law of your state to avoid legal repercussions. If you have no legitimate reason to hack an Instagram account, you better leave this idea. Make sure your actions comply with Terms of Use and Conditions provided by every service.

How to Hack Instagram: How it Works

instagram profilePeople always want to be in control. In an attempt to show their superiority, often than not, they want to learn how to hack someone’s Instagram simple and easy.

Many users consider social media pages safe. They think their accounts and personal information are secure. Every day good people enter their sensitive data, getting logged into their Instagram accounts.

An Instagram hacker has his reasons to understand how to figure out someone’s Instagram password.

The system works on any device without exploiting fancy or hard to understand tools. This approach needs no root access rights. Wait a minute while the software gathers all the required information – read user messages or any shared link.

How to Hack Someone’s Instagram without Their Password Using Proven Secure Methods

If you want a safe, secure, and legit way to track someone’s Instagram activity, your best bet would be to use mSpy Instagram Tracker or FlexiSPY Keylogger.

The best part is, your target doesn’t even have to know that you’re spying on their activity.

That way, you can keep your kids safe from online predators, keep an eye on an errant employee, or monitor what your spouse does online.

mSpy Instagram Tracker

mspy instagram trackerWhen looking for a simple method on how to find out someone’s password on Instagram, nothing beats using a spyware program. But not just any will do.

You need to use a top-rated legit app like mSpy Instagram tracker to see all your target’s online activities.

Flipping through the pics, seeing all likes and comments, discovering the location of the pics they post on their accounts, seeing how the user tags herself/himself: all that can be possible with mSpy.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for the service on the mSpy official website and choose a plan.
  • If you don’t have authorized access to the target’s phone, you’ll need to find a creative way to get hold of it.
  • Access the website from your browser.
  • Download and install the app to the target device.
  • Set it to run in stealth mode.
  • Monitor all their Instagram activities from your control panel.

How to Hack someone’s Instagram: The best online strategies

Do you need to catch your cheating spouse in the act? Or do you want to monitor your teenager’s online activity? Unless you know how to log into someone else’s Instagram, it’s all a zero-sum game. The good news is there are lots of techniques you can use to get the job done. Here are some of them.

How to figure out someone’s Instagram password using the Forgot and Reset password methods

forgot password instagram

It is one of the most overlooked ways to hack Instagram. If you have physical access to your target’s phone and email, here’s what you need to do:

  • Click on Forgot Login Details to reset the password

forgot password

log in instagram account

  • The secret code will then be sent to the target’s phone
  • Enter the code in your app to access their account

TIP: You need to be close with a person whose DMs you want to see as this method requires physical access to someone’s Instagram account. Additionally, you’ll need to access whether their email or check their SMS to enter the code.

ATTENTION: The methods detailed below could leave your system vulnerable to malicious attacks. Any website that purports to be able to hack into Instagram’s airtight encryption technology should be taken with a pinch of salt. There are some safe and proven alternatives to find Instagram passwords: using mSpy Instagram Tracker and FlexiSPY Keylogger.

How to find someone’s Instagram password using Instaleak

Hack insta online


You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use this Instagram hack software — Instaleak. It’s one of the simplest online methods to hack Instagram. Simply:

  • Go to the official website and enter the username of the target user
  • After a few moments, you’ll receive a message that the password recovery process was successful

Using Ighack


Ever wondered, “how do I hack Instagram without revealing my identity?” The answer to this lies in using Ighack. To know how to hack someone’s Instagram account on an iPhone or Android-powered device:

  • Visit the Ighack official website
  • Enter the target’s username
  • Click Start Hacking

Using Instahack

instahack tool

Need to figure out how to get somebody’s Instagram password for free? Well, Instahack is a 100% free online tool you can use to do just that.

All you need to do is:

  • Visit the company’s website and click on Instagram Password Hacker
  • Enter the target’s username to find their account
  • The login credentials will be displayed in a dialog box shortly

FlexiSPY Keylogger

FlexiSPY KeyloggerNot sure how to hack social media accounts like Instagram? FlexiSPY offers one of the most robust and advanced spying features you’ll find in the market today. With its keylogger feature, you’ll be able to remotely monitor all the keystrokes made on your target’s phone.

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It’s the most reliable way to find out everything they’re typing on their phones. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit the FlexiSPY website and select a bouquet that includes the keylogger feature
  • Discreetly download and install the app to your target’s smartphone
  • Start monitoring all their Instagram activity remotely from your control panel

What will you get if you know how to hack someone’s Instagram

puzzled people

Today, anyone can find a guide on how to hack into someone’s Instagram. A lot has been written about the features of the websites that provide popular solutions to track user visits, follow friends, view pictures. In case you had success in installing a spy app, you will have a real log of a person’s Instagram account.

What does a hacker expect to get when they connect to the Internet to hack Instagram or Facebook? There are many options to use.

Many features to benefit from when you know how to hack an Instagram account or how to use an Instagram Viewer. You will be able to:

  • Track, browse messages;
  • Use a keylogger to capture password;
  • Gain direct access to the internet account;
  • Exploit geo-tracking function – find out where the pictures were taken;
  • Reveal the identity of all the contacts a person stays in touch with;
  • Hack social apps like Facebook;
  • Save all captured screenshots, pictures no matter the privacy settings;


Hacking a password for further direct access is also not difficult. Specialized software like mSpy will need you to enter the Instagram you want to hack into particular fields and press the “start hacking button.”

A site establishes a safe connection to secure Instagram servers – fetches an encrypted data that servers associated with the account name you entered.

After the decryption procedure, you get a file that contains a password to access the hacked Instagram account from any other device at your disposal.

Keep in mind the right side of the entire process.

Gaining illegal access to Instagram is an offense punishable by law.

You can take action to hack an account if it is yours and got stolen from you or hacked, and you desperately want to regain access to it. In another majority of situations, please remember that you need to install spy software on the target’s phone so that all the data gets logged and transmitted to the control panel.


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